8 Things to Consider When Designing a Camera Perimeter

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8 Things to Consider when Designing a Camera Perimeter
Protecting critical facilities and their resources against intrusion and misuse of materials is a critical role consultants and security integrators deal with every day. There are many guidelines that have been released that provide information as to the type of security measures that should be considered when protecting these facilities. However, the details involved with making these measures a reality are often missing. As the popular saying goes “the devil is in the details.” These details contribute greatly to the installation and operational performance of such systems. Whether you are a security professional trying to secure the physical assets of your company, a consultant helping that owner or an integrator installing the system, remembering a few key tips can go a long ways in ensuring the implementation meets the objective. This paper presents 8 things to consider when designing a camera-based security system, or when reviewing your existing one.

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