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Image by Tim Mossholder

May 25, 2018

Patent Extension Granted for Tracking of Aerial Targets

Patent expands method of detection and autonomous tracking of land, water and airborne targets.

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The use of drones and airborne vehicles for unwanted surveillance or terrorist intentions continues to be a growing issue as airborne platforms capable of carrying larger payloads become more affordable and controllable at longer ranges. A critical step in deterrence is detection, followed by the tracking of such threats. The most recent patent award announced by PureTech Systems expands on the previously patented method (US Patent No 9,652,860 B1,) which applies to the detection and tracking of such targets, including the use of other forms of imagery and expanded target application.

US Patent No 9,936,169 B1, “System and Method for Autonomous PTZ Tracking of Aerial Targets,” grants claims for imaging based tracking of targets, such as airborne aircraft and drones, but also land and water vessels. Reference to “other forms of imaging” protect the method for other image sources, which include video, but also extend to image sources such as lidar, radar, sonar, thermal, phase array, ultrasound, sonograms or other real imaging means that includes a physical device for capturing information about real space.

The patent includes twenty (27) claims against new technology aimed at this threat increase. This expands on the four claims in the original patent. As with the initial patent, the follow-on claims address methods for detecting and classifying targets and utilizing a pan-tilt-zoom camera to automatically follow the target. This capability can be used for surveillance purposes or integrated with various drone deterrence systems to take defensive actions.

The grant of the patent marks the company’s continued pursuit of developing novel technology in the vision and artificial intelligence space to enhance both security and safety applications. Features related to the new patent are available with the PureActiv® geospatial video management system and independently for integration with most video management systems.

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