Finding Security Solutions for Airports

Airports have many security and safety needs.  Fortunately, there are many technologies out there designed specifically to meet these security and safety needs.  As an airport, it’s often difficult, and time consuming, finding and evaluating these technologies to understand their effectiveness and applicability to their specific needs.  Luckily, resources do exist to help airports find solutions for their security related issues.  One of these resources, the National Safe Skies Alliance, commonly referred to as Safe Skies, was founded in 1997, as a non-profit association to provide impartial testing and evaluation of aviation safety and security systems.

FAST security database website

Screen Shot of the FAST database website

To aid airports in learning about and finding security technology, Safe Skies has developed a unique database consisting of perimeter, access control, and biometrics technologies.  The Find Airport Security Technologies (FAST) Resource Center is online, requires no special login and is broken down into various categories, such as, Access Control, Perimeter, Command and Control, specific application area or by company name.  If you are not sure, the database also offers a search function to enter unique keywords or phrases.

PureTech System’s PureActiv server product and Scene Analyzer edge device, both designed for outdoor perimeters and long detection ranges, are listed under the “Perimeter” protection portion of the database.  As it relates to airports, PureTech’s capabilities include:

  1. Long Range Detection – With some runways extending over a mile and a half, the ability to utilize video analytics at these ranges becomes very beneficial
  2. Open Integration – Most airports have already made significant investments in their security systems. As new technologies become available, they want the ability to “add” this technology versus having to replace their existing infrastructure.  Both the PureActiv system and the Scene Analyzer are designed to augment an existing system.
  3. Automation – With hundreds, often thousands, of cameras, when an event does happen, the ability to have the system be largely autonomous is key, so the security personnel can then focus their efforts on making decisions and taking actions. PureTech’s ability to automatically steer a camera to an exact position, classify and then follow the intruder, helps insure this autonomy.

The FAST database continues to grow and add new security technologies.  You can peruse the current database contents at

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