Mobile Border Surveillance

Mobile Border Surveillance ALERT Truck

Today’s surveillance needs have moved beyond the traditional fixed camera on a fence line. Sensors need to be smart, easy to set up, collaborative and able to move rapidly as threats move.  The use of mobile surveillance platforms, including truck- and trailer-based, provide increased surveillance during critical times and allow flexible incident response, without the large infrastructure costs and time required to install a complete fixed sensor perimeter.  Today’s mobile systems also deliver the same, or higher, detection capability and accuracy as its fixed location sensor brethren.  One such system, the ALERT Truck system, is an excellent example of a mobile surveillance platform which leverages geospatial technology with intelligent video, radar, precision distance and highly accurate cameras to provide world-class surveillance in a cost effective mobile package.


The ALERT Truck, sold by PVP Advanced Electro-Optical systems, Inc, is a collaboration of technology partners, each an expert in the security world.  The platform has the ability to move to various locations, often via rugged terrain; set up quickly on non-level locations; stows easily; includes independent power; and connectivity to other platforms and users.  It uses an off-road truck chassis coupled with a self-leveling mast to provide the foundation for a surveillance platform that is rapidly deployable in a wide range of challenging environments, including deployments at extreme terrain angles.


The mast assembly is a telescoping system of polygonal sections with an internal spindle drive capable of operating at any intermediate height. With the touch of a button the mast is able to automatically tilt, level, extend and be fully operation- al in less than 2 minutes. The ALERT Truck System has been specifically designed to limit the impact of the ALERT System on the vehicle while ensuring that it continues to excel in remote and extreme rugged terrain applications.


The sensor system includes the Night Hawk thermal/visible camera suite by PVP Advanced Electro-Optical systems, with HP or HP-SA gimbals. These are integrated with ultra long-range IR and visible sensors to provide unmatched range and performance.

Also included is the SR Hawk™ ground surveillance radar by SRC Inc.  The SR Hawk boasts a rapid update rate with either continuous 360-degree coverage or definable sector scanning.  Low false alarm rates with automated sensitivity settings for weather and clutter management.  It operates in simultaneously in short and long-range coverage with automated priority target track mode.


PureTech Systems’ PureActiv provides the command and control, intelligent video detection and sensor collaboration from the ALERT Truck platform.

Command and Control – The map-based command and control allows for instant viewing of targets via a dynamic location-based GUI.  This includes live tracking of Items of Interest (IOIs), instant alarming, map-based sensor control and full video management capability.

Intelligent Video – The ALERT Truck platform is further enhanced with the PureActiv video analytics software, allowing the detection, classification and automatic camera tracking of targets at ranges often exceeding 5 miles.


This collection of high performance sensors, in itself, constitutes a powerful mobile surveillance platform, but the ALERT Truck takes this a step further by integrating these sensors into a fully-collaborative, intelligent system.  This integration goes beyond a single control and data display interface, allowing the sensors to collaborate information related to intruders or Items of Interest (IOI).  This collaboration includes all the platforms sensors: radar, cameras, video analytics, position sensors, laser pointer, laser range finder and GPS.  This ability to share data improves the accuracy of detection, increases associated details assigned to each target, reduces false alarms and declutters the user interface.


For more details on the ALERT Truck, download the full white paper here.


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