PureActiv software deployed for Border Patrol’s mobile surveillance platforms

PureTech Systems was featured on multiple news channels in response to the delivery milestone for the next phase of the Border Patrol’s Mobile Video Surveillance Systems (MVSS) program.  The deliveries of the MVSS, which utilizes PureTech Systems’ PureActiv software as its central command and control, occurred in San Diego, CA and will support mobile video surveillance up to 6 miles away.

PureTech Systems is teamed with Benchmark Electronics to deliver the complete mobile system, including a F-150 pickup truck equipped with a sensor suite of visible and thermal cameras mounted on a telescoping mast.  The system’s mission is to track and identify Items of Interest (IOI) along the U.S. southwest border and other remote surveillance scenarios where rapid mobile deployment is needed.

Fox 5 San Diego CoverageBorder Patrol’s new mobile surveillance system can see for miles

Fox 5 News Coverage PureTech Systems Border DeploymentABC 10 News San Diego CoverageBorder Patrol unveils new technology to help monitor illegal crossingsBorder Patrol unveils new technology to help monitor illegal crossings


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