New Training Videos Released

PureTech Systems’ training library is continuing to grow with the addition of three new videos.  The videos focus on specific aspects of the PureActiv video management system and demonstrate the various capabilities available to the user / operator.

Video Analytics Training Video

These newest videos: Alarm Search, Forensic Browser and Alarm Monitor Panel, focus on the alarm and investigate features that are available with the PureActiv video management system.

The three new training videos include:

Alarm Search:  The PureActiv Video Management System includes the capability to manage alarms. Part of this capability, is the Alarm Search utility, which gives the user a means to review alarms that have been stored within the system’s database. This training video demonstrates how to review and manage alarms that have occurred within the system.

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Forensic Browser:  Forensic video investigation allows a user to search through video to gain information related to an event. After an alarm occurs, users often need to investigate activity that occurred before or after the event in a quick and efficient manner. The Forensic Browser is a video search tool within PureActiv’s Video Management System that provides this fast search capability. This video demonstrates how to use the Forensic Browser to explore video within the PureActiv VMS.

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Alarm Monitor Panel:  The PureActiv VMS includes many robust alarm management functions. One such function is the alarm monitor panel. This is the primary means to notify the operator of an active alarm condition and quickly provide information to assess the situation. This video will demonstrate the various features contained within the Alarm Monitor Panel.

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The video library is accessible from the PureTech Systems web site, and does not require any login or account set up.  Don’t forget to also check out our free on demand webinars as well.

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