Enhanced Video Management User Interface

PureTech Systems prides itself on providing state of the art technology improvements in the area of geospatial video surveillance.  A new feature of our PureActiv software is an enhanced user interface that removes clutter, includes graphic updates and provides better viewing in control room environments.  The enhanced graphics result in a notable change in the look of PureActiv’s map-based video management user interface.   Some of the new features in the enhanced user interface include:


The more significant enhancement in the new look and feel is the move toward a darker overall color scheme.  PureActiv’s map-based user interface is frequently used in low light control room environments to enhance users’ ability to monitor and react to video-based events.  Lighter colors in this environment can cause eye strain over longer periods of time, so the overall widowing color scheme has been modified to be much darker to accommodate these situations.  Even in brightly lit rooms, the new darker theme provides for enhanced contrast and a new look (Figure 1).

PureActiv VMS User Interface provides better viewing in control room environments.

Figure 1 – PureActiv’s enhanced user interface removes clutter and provides better viewing in control room environments.

In addition to the main application windows: video palette, alarm widow and map, the color scheme applies to support functions including, camera groups, status windows, server health, alarm cameras and map layers (Figure 2).

PureActiv Video Management System VMS darker color scheme - alarm and system status windows

Figure 2 – The new darker color scheme extends across alarm and system status windows.


Security personnel must monitor a large amount of information.  The removal of extraneous data, or features that are not critical to real time action, can help reduce this monitoring workload.  The enhanced user interface introduces the ability to partially, or fully, hide the system menu bar to aid in the reduction of clutter (Figure 3).  The user may select to view the full menu, the file menu only, the icon menu only or hide the entire tool bar.  The resulting selection remains part of the users login preferences.

PureActiv Video Management System (VMS) menu declutter options.

Figure 3 – The enhanced user interface introduces the ability to hide the system menu bar to aid in the reduction of clutter.


PureActiv Video Management System Menu

Figure 4 – Selecting the menu icon activates the new drop down menu.

The changes to the main file menu provide for a drop down, which cascades to provide all PureActiv menu functions (Figure 4).  The drop down includes the complete suite of file menu and icon menu selections.  When the main file menu is hidden, the new drop down becomes the primary means to access these functions, but it is also available when the full menu, or partial menu is displayed, by selecting the menu icon in the upper left corner of the application.


We have introduced new iconography, with redesigned graphics, aimed at providing easy identification and recognition of features and functions.  In addition to new icons on the main file and drop down menus, the suite of PureActiv program shortcuts have been updated to provide a common theme and more intuitive graphical respresentations of the tool (Figure 5).  Likewise, map and classification icons, used to denote dynamic camera control and show target movement and location, have been updated and standardized.  “Situational Awareness” is a major underlying objective of the PureActiv solution.  These graphical updates have been added to further that philosophy.

Purectiv Progrma and Video Analytic Classification Icons

Figure 5 – New intuitive icon designs


Video Analytics Alarm ToneAlthough PureActiv includes the capability for users to select their own alarm tone, most users utilize the default tone.  After ten years, it seemed approriate to retire the tone and move to something new.  The new tone has similar characteristics to the previous, but provides an upgrade to the legacy audio.

 To see a live web demo of the new interface in action, send us a note.

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