Video Management Integration – RADAR

PureTech Systems is an expert at integrating perimeter sensors with our video analytics capability and map based user interface.  One such integration is the integration with perimeter radar.  In addition to display and control of radar related functionality on the PureActiv user interface, this integrated perimeter solution also facilitates sensor alarm collaboration, slew to target, automatic target following, IFF – Identification, Friend or Foe and track fusion.

Integrating Radar with Video Management for Perimeter Protection

Radar Integration Example Architecture


Radars are an excellent perimeter detection sensor.  In open areas, they can provide highly reliable surveillance data at considerable range.  However, radars are not video devices so they are unable to provide an image to accurately identify the target.  For each target identified by radar you must typically obtain visual confirmation via some other means before taking action.   This PureActiv integration addresses this issue and adds several advanced features that can aid in perimeter security efforts.

Radar - Video Management Capabilities

Overview and VMS-Radar integration features


The actual integration of these two systems is not complex in terms of how to coordinate data.  Radars communicate using a well-defined interface standard.  Position and target information is provided to PureActiv via XML. Radars identify position to PureActiv as a “range and bearing.”  This information is then converted to longitude and latitude for use within the PureActiv GUI.  Radar targets appear directly on the PureActiv user interface and are utilized in the same manner as video and GPS targets.

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