Mobile Surveillance – Virtual Integrated Surveillance Solution (VISS)

Mobile Border Surveillance

VISS – Virtual Integrated Surveillance Solution Presented by Benchmark. Featuring “The Eagle” Mobile Video Surveillance System (MVSS) by Secure Technology a Benchmark Company.

Since time began nations have sought to protect their borders and people from illegal entry and criminal activity, but structural barriers can be costly and inefficient.  Now one system unites innovation, versatility and security to form virtual wall protection to detect and identify threats.  “The Eagle” Mobile Video Surveillance System, developed by Tactical Micro, a Secure Technology Benchmark Solutions company.

The Eagle MVSS combines sophisticated map-based software, day and night imaging, ground sensors, lasers and drone technology to create the world’s most comprehensive mobile surveillance system.  Ideal for border patrol, search and rescue, crowd control and sensitive facility security.

Advanced Mobile Video Detection and Monitoring

Telescoping Mast for Mobile Surveillance

The system mounts to the bed of any 5 x 6’ pickup truck, offers an unprecedented 35-foot-high vantage point with high resolution thermal and day cameras for detection and identification.

The system mounts to the bed of any 5 x 6’ pickup truck, as well as boats and other mobile surveillance vehicles.  Robust in design, the MVSS provides multiple building blocks of defense.  Designed for rugged environments the MVSS telescoping mast offers an unprecedented 35-foot-high vantage point for optimal long-range surveillance.  An automatic positioner ensures the mast deploys vertically even on inclines.  When the mask is fully extended gyros and digital image stabilization ensures rocksteady video against strong winds and safety features prevent the mask from being raised when power lines or obstructions are overhead.

High resolution MVSS thermal and day cameras that utilize PureTech System’s PureActiv video analytics to detect and distinguish human targets from wildlife more than 6 miles away.  The cab mounted laptop serves as the surveillance nerve center with detailed terrain maps to maintain accurate situational awareness, automatic video detection and video tracking guide operators in pursuing numerous targets simultaneously.

Integrated Drone Deployment and Perimeter Sensor Technology

While a built-in laser range finder and dual antenna GPS determine the precise location of potential threats.  Once a threat is detected, the system can illuminate the target with the laser point only visible for agents being deployed for an arrest.

Drone Surveillance

Drone scouts can be dispatched directly from the vehicle to precise coordinates downloaded from the MVSS system for up close surveillance

For a closer valuation of a suspect, a drone scout can be dispatched at the touch of a button.  The drone departs directly from the truck to precise coordinates that have been downloaded from MVSS sensors.  The drone provides a safe, close, multi angle view of the situation to gather vital information, such as whether weapons, children or non-threatening civilians are present. Each drone automatically relays videos to the MVSS and recharges upon return.

By surveying seismic and acoustic sensors buried along the border the MVSS provides additional feedback of movement in the area. Once an unattended ground sensor alarms, MVSS cameras can instantly be turned to that location to help agents determine whether further investigation is needed. User-friendly, intuitive surveillance software developed by PureTech Systems seamlessly interfaces camera views, underground sensors and drone video for a powerful situational awareness tool. Two terabytes of data storage provide over 30 days of continual access to vital evidentiary information.

Autonomous Interconnected Surveillance and Communication Network

PureActiv Surveillance Software

Sophisticated tracking and imaging software is accessible from within the cab of the truck, and may also be shared and coordinated with multiple MVSS platforms and central command locations

While the MVSS can operate autonomously, multiple units can be interconnected to form an impenetrable line of surveillance.  This MVSS network allows agents to communicate with each other and share videos. Plus, enable central control to monitor and coordinate all surveillance assets along the border.

Only one system offers 24-hour surveillance and target detection, an integrated network of technology and the most advanced tracking and imaging software available.   Always looking out for you.

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