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Drone Dispatch to Intrusion Location

The PureActiv AlertView Common Operating Picture provides users with the ability to dispatch a drone to an intrusion alarm location. First, a detection from one of many possible sensors integrated with PureActiv, such as radar, fence sensor, access control, unattended ground sensors, video analytics, and more, generates an alarm, then a user pushes a single button in AlertView to command the drone to automatically fly to the alarm location. Live video from the drone is displayed in AlertView, and PureTech’s AI Deep Learning can classify potential targets on the ground. If desired, the user can click on the map to set man the drone to fly to new way points. This plug and play integration can be added to new and legacy systems for enhanced situational awareness.

Key Benefits

  • Improved situational awareness,

  • Provides more rapid response,

  • Lower cost than dispatching a vehicle,

  • Acts as a deterrent once the subject becomes aware they are being surveilled by a drone, and

  • 17 years of trained data for a 95%+ reduction in nuisance alarms.

Drone DL Video


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