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PureActiv At The Edge

Many electric utilities are faced with untenable risks from existing perimeter security systems that are compromised due to subpar, end-of-life edge-video analytics such as VideoIQ Rialto Analytics Bridge and IOImage TRK series!


Through a simple drop-in replacement with no change to operations, PureTech can help you significantly upgrade your perimeter security operation. Upgrading with PureTech's cutting-edge AI/DL boosted video analytics offers a wide-range of benefits beyond just improved intrusion detection.


False Alarms - Processing false alarms have a significant impact on operational efficiencies, leading to wasted time and resources. PureTech's Auto-Verification eliminates false alarms caused by lighting changes, shadows, animals, rain-drops; all those sources that have historically plagued motion only based video analytics. 

Reliability & Lifecycle - PureTech's cutting-edge technology can help increase the lifespan of your security system, reducing maintenance costs and extending the time between costly system upgrades.

Compliance - Compliance is the key to funding, and by meeting the stringent NERC/CIP14 requirements, you can secure critical funding for your organization.  

ROI - Processing false alarms and is expensive! By reducing false alarms, the system eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming responses to false alarms, freeing up resources that can be used more efficiently.

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