Integration – Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

Benefits of Integration of Long-Range Acoustic Device

Video management systems, armed with video analytics, can be a very effective means to detect and alarm on incidents. Despite the ability to accurately detect and notify, the issuance of an alarm does not always result in a timely resolution of the event. This may be due to the remoteness of a particular location, limitation in security personnel or delays from local law enforcement due to high activity. The addition of directed audio through the means of a long-range accoustic device, such as LRAD, can help with deterring potential intruders. The PureActiv system from PureTech Systems has been integrated with LRAD providing an automatic, or semi-automatic, means of deterring an intruder.

Audio talk down has been used in the security field for many years. Communicating specific details, such as shirt color, location, current action has been shown to be very effective in deterring intruders. However, having a live person readily available to perform a talk down is not always feasible or affordable, especially for facilities that may have limited security resources or limited budgets for full time central monitoring. Even with full time monitoring, a person’s ability to react immediately may be delayed due to other circumstances or priorities. This PureActiv integration combines audio with video analytics to add automation to the audio talk down function.


The integration utilizes existing fixed and PTZ cameras, along with an LRAD device. All devices communicate via an IP connection across the security network. Once connected to the network, the functionality is available within a single site, or remote sites. In many cases, the LRAD includes an integrated camera, which aids in the steering accuracy of the audio. The architecture may include an existing DVR/NVR, or utilize the PureActiv video management functions. The functionality can also be deployed through a single edge device, integrated with a LRAD that includes a co-mounted camera. This configuration is targeted to small facilities or mobile deployments.

LRAD Integration using Video Analytics Server

Example Architecture - LRAD Integration using Video Analytics Server

LRAD Integration using Video Analytics Edge Device

Example Architecture - LRAD Integration using Video Analytics Edge Device


A perimeter surveillance system that utilizes video analytics is an effective means of intrusion detection. An added benefit is that most video installations allow for alarming before the intrusion actually occurs (e.g. outside the fence). Video Analytics also has the ability to understand where the potential intruder is physically located on the property. PureActiv video analytics can further classify the target as human, group of humans, vehicle and provide its current course or heading.

In this integration, PureActiv video analytics processes video streams coming from selected cameras. Each camera can maintain its own unique detection capabilities; however specific events, like intrusions, can be configured to invoke audio deterrence. In these cases, the PureActiv server or edge device, communicates directly to the PTZ cameras and LRAD device. When an alarm occurs, this integration allows the video analytics to slew the LRAD to the exact latitude, longitude and elevation of the intruder and issue a focused audio message. The message can be selected by the software from a set of prerecorded audio alerts, or it can be manually selected, or spoken by the operator.

As the target moves, the integration utilizes either an independent camera or a camera co-mounted on the LRAD, to track the movement of the target. As the target moves, the video analytics uses PTZ auto tracking to follow the target with a PTZ camera, that same technology is used to control the LRAD to keep the audio focused on the intruder. This can continue without any user intervention, or at any point, an operator may take control of the PTZ, the audio commands or both.

For supporting LRAD models, the integration includes control of:

Co-mounted Camera Control of the LRAD pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris in the same manner as any other PTZ camera. The integration with PureActiv provides the same capbilities as all PTZ cameras including map-based control, video based point and click control, virtual PTZ control, slew to cue, scan to target, camera auto tracking, etc.
Infrared Mode Ability to toggle the IR (Day/Night) mode of the camera.
Spotlight Ability to toggle the spotlight state, and focus.
Sound Ability to control volume, select sounds, repeat sounds and utilize the mic - to be played through the LRAD speaker.
Automatic Tracking using an LRAD with co-mounted camera

Automatic Tracking using an LRAD with co-mounted camera

Automatic Tracking using an LRAD and an independent PTZ camera

Automatic Tracking using an LRAD and an independent PTZ camera

Integration differentiators at a glance include –

  • Patented Geospatial Video Detection Algorithms
  • Detection capability includes object classification (animal, person, vehicle), real size, real speed and exact location (latitude / longitude / elevation)
  • Includes all LRAD models
  • Auto Tracking via LRAD camera, or independent PTZ camera
  • Stand alone, or integrated with existing video management system
  • A proven solution for critical infrastructure, transportation, airports and utility markets
  • LRAD and Video Analytics proven effective in difficult, long range outdoor environments
  • Works with visible, IR illuminated and thermal cameras
  • Deployable as a server or edge solution

Scene Analyzer edge device

Integration is available via Scene Analyzer edge device or commercial-off-the-shelf server

PureActiv - LRAD Integration

PureActiv - LRAD Integration - Target Tracking using co-mounted LRAD camera

LRAD Control Sub Menus

LRAD Control Sub Menus (left to right): Main Menu, Infrared Menu, Spotlight Menu and Sound Menu

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