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September 4, 2018

PureTech Systems begins delivery of video analytics for MVSS systems to DHS’ Customs and Border Protection

PureActiv software deliveries are part of mobile platform program awarded to Tactical Micro / Benchmark Electronics.

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems recently announced delivery of several mobile versions of its PureActiv wide area video surveillance software suite, including its patented geospatial video analytics, to the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as part of the Mobile Video Surveillance Systems (MVSS) program. The MVSS program, won by Tactical Micro of Fredericksburg VA, a division of Benchmark Electronics, consists of a complete mobile surveillance platform to aid the U.S. Border Patrol to track and identify Items of Interest (IOI) along the U.S. southwest border.

The objective of the MVSS is to provide a rapid deployment short- and medium-range mobile surveillance directly from Border Patrol vehicles. An agent can deploy the system, which can then aid in detecting, tracking, identifying and classifying items of interest using the video feed and on-board software. The agent/operator can then use that information to monitor the situation, respond to events, or share the information to assist other agents.

“PureTech Systems strives to create highly dependable, tactically superior solutions to help our customers readily address critical surveillance needs,” commented Larry Bowe, president and CEO of PureTech Systems. “We’re proud to be a team player on another program delivering industry leading video solutions to customers, such as the Customs and Border Protection.”

MVSS is a part of a larger electronic border protection strategy which includes both mobile and fixed platforms including the Integrated Fixed Tower System (IFT) and the Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS). In addition to the MVSS, PureTech Systems also provides its PureActiv software suite for the RVSS program and other customers on similar fixed and mobile platforms, which includes radar integration and wireless connectivity to enable monitoring and controlling both fixed and mobile sensor suites from a central command.

The MVSS program was awarded as a 5-year indefinite period contract, extending into 2021. The systems are scheduled for mobile use in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas as well as several potential Northern border locations.

About PureTech Systems®
PureTech Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of wide-area perimeter surveillance software solutions including internally developed outdoor video analytics, multi-sensor integration and a map-based (real object size) command and control. It is offered to fortune 1000 firms, petro-chemical, water and electric utilities, seaports, airports and federal, state and local governments. With headquarters in Phoenix Arizona, PureTech Systems serves national and international markets. To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at .

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