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June 25, 2019
PureTech Systems awarded contract to protect Electric Power Generation Sites with PureActiv

Jan 15, 2019
PureTech Systems’ Command and Control deployed to support Border Patrol in San Diego

Sept 19, 2018
PureTech Systems Integrates Automated Drone Deployment for Security Response

Sept 4, 2018
PureTech Systems begins delivery of video analytics for MVSS systems to DHS’ Customs and Border Protection

August 14, 2018
PureTech Systems Introduces VisionView™ 180 Camera for Outdoor Perimeter Security

June 25, 2018
PureTech Systems Announces New Features in its Latest Software Release

May 25, 2018
Patent Extension Granted for Tracking of Aerial Targets

January 23, 2018
PureTech Systems Recipient of Best Perimeter Protection Award

August 1, 2017
Latest Software from PureTech Systems’ Includes Deep Learning and Health Monitoring

July 21, 2017
PureTech Systems Recognized for Multiple Perimeter and Surveillance Achievements

June 13, 2017
Patent Granted for Tracking of Aerial Targets Utilizing Video

May 16, 2017
ALERT Truck Features PureActiv Long Range Video Analytics and Camera Control

April 25, 2017
RVSS achieves "Full Operating Capability" designation on southern U.S. Border

March 15, 2017
PureTech Systems Announces New Patent Addressing Video-Based Man Overboard Detection

September 12, 2016
Rapid Deployment Capability added to PureActiv® Video Analytics

September 6, 2016
PureTech Systems integrates PureActiv® with SpotterRF® Radar

July 19, 2016
PureTech Systems expands long-range camera control offerings with Silent Sentinel Integration

June 21, 2016
PureTech Systems Recipient of Best Video Analytics Surveillance Solution

May 10, 2016
PureTech Systems expands long-range persistent surveillance capability with added integrations

April 4, 2016
New Patent Affords More Accurate Video Detection and Fewer False Alarms

March 1, 2016
PureTech Systems shows its “dark side” with the release of an enhanced user interface

February 16, 2016
PureTech Systems Protects PTZ Camera Autonomous Tracking Capability with New Patent

October 27, 2015
PureActiv Intelligent Video Surveillance System helps protect critical traffic tunnel

October 20, 2015
PureTech Systems Supports Upgrade of Remote Video Surveillance System for Customs and Border Protection

September 9, 2015
Man Overboard Solution receives top accolades in Airport, Seaport, Border award competition

July 7, 2015
PureTech Systems’ Video Analytics Integrated with Lockheed Martin’s SENTRYSTAR

June 23, 2015
Pima County Water Reclamation Adds Perimeter Surveillance to Additional Facilities

March 31, 2015
PureTech Systems’ Introduces 4K Video Analytics Integrations

March 24, 2015
PureTech Systems’ Releases the Latest Version of its Geospatial Video Management Software

March 10, 2015
PureTech Systems issued PTZ Tracking patent by US Patent Office

January 13, 2015
PureTech Systems Announces Option to Buy through GSA Schedule

December 30, 2014
PureTech Systems receives several top honors in GSN’s 2014 Homeland Security Awards competition

December 2, 2014
PureTech Systems announces sales agreement with Bassett Sales

September 23, 2014
PureTech Systems integrates with General Dynamics VZ-Series Thermal Cameras

May 6, 2014
PureTech Systems integrates FLIR’s ThermoVision® Ultra Wide Thermal Imager

March 11, 2014
PureTech Systems provides Perimeter Surveillance for Pima County Water Reclamation Facilities

February 25, 2014
PureTech System issued new patents by US Patent Office

February 11, 2014
Fort Worth Water expands use of PureTech Systems’ Video Surveillance Solution

December 17, 2013
PureTech Systems integrates DRS Technologies’ WatchMaster® camera series

November 20, 2013
PureTech Systems’ Video Analytics protects critical water facilities for the City of Palo Alto.

October 23, 2013
PureTech Systems delivers Geospatial Surveillance System in Spanish

April 9, 2013
PureTech Systems Announces New Advisory Board

March 13, 2013
PureTech receives top honors in multiple categories at GSN’s 2013 Border Security Awards competition

January 31, 2013
Fast Grant awarded by Arizona Commerice Authority.
Coverage by Phoenix Business Journal.

January 29, 2013
PureTech System issued vehicle counting patent by US Patent Office

January 22, 2013
PureTech Systems Announces New Reseller Agreement with BAE Systems

January 8, 2013
PureTech Systems provides Perimeter Surveillance for Cypress Water Treatment Facility

December 11, 2012
PureTech Systems’ Surveillance Solution deployed at Military Ocean Terminal

December 4, 2012
City of Blainville selects PureActiv for mobile security and traffic circulation monitoring

November 27, 2012
PureActiv Integrated with OnSSI VMS

November 20, 2012
PureTech Systems’ Geospatial Video Analytics Achieves integration with Genetec software

November 14, 2012
Port of Charleston Expands Deployment of PureTech Systems’ Video Surveillance Solution

November 7, 2012
PureTech Systems issued patent by US Patent Office

September 11, 2012
PureActiv Wide Area Surveillance System helps protect Democratic National Convention in Charlotte

September 10, 2012
PureTech Systems' Video Analytics to help protect the Port of Tacoma

September 4, 2012
PureTech Systems provides Perimeter Surveillance for Texas Water Utility

August 21, 2012
PureTech Systems releases new version of Wide Area Surveillance Software

July 31, 2012
PureTech Systems integrates with Long Range Acoustic Device® (LRAD®)

July 17, 2012
PureTech Systems integrates with AMAG Symmetry™ Access Control

July 10, 2012
PureTech Systems’ Wide Area Surveillance Solution selected and deployed by United States Army

June 21, 2012
Halifax Harbour Bridges Enhances Security with PureTech's Wide Area Surveillance Solution

June 14, 2012
PureTech Systems Video Analytics now Integrated with Pelco Sarix cameras

March 26, 2012
Arizona Innovation Challenge names 25 Semifinalists

March 2012
InterSec Magazine: Protecting Port Perimeters

March 5, 2012
PureTech Systems integrates Bosch MIC Series 550 PTZ camera

February 7, 2012
Port of Halifax AAPA Case Study: Halifax Port Authority Command and Control System (HPACCS) with video analytics by PureActiv

January 19, 2012
PureTech Systems integrates Bosch Thermal IP camera

November 03, 2011
FLIR Thermal cameras enabled with PureTech's PTZ Auto Follow capability

October 12, 2011
PureTech Systems integrates with Ulisse compact PTZ

August 31, 2011
PureTech Systems offers internship program for students

August 2011
Stacking Up Security at Seaports
Integrating Equipment and People for Seaports
Prioritizing Seaport Stakeholders
(A&S International Magazine – July 2011)

June 28, 2011
First Responder Android App avaliable with PureActiv®

February 14, 2011
Scan to Target capability added to PureActiv

February 1, 2011
The importance of offering everyone a seat at the table
(Security Directory News - Feb 2011)

January 18, 2011
Port of Charleston Completes Deployment of PureTech Systems' Intelligent Surveillance Solution

October 5, 2010
PureTech Systems unveils next generation Autonomous PTZ follow

September 9, 2010
PureActiv Wide-area Video Surveillance Solution to protect city of Ft. Worth Water Treatment Facility

July 16, 2010
PureTech Systems launches redesigned website

December 9, 2008
PureTech Systems and Proximex Complete Integration of Their Software Suites

May 22, 2008
New Floor Count system at Sea-Tac Airport helps speed travelers to open spaces in parking garage

September 27, 2007
Pure Technologies announces sale of subsidiary

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