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PureTech Announces New Rapid Deploy Virtual Perimeter System

Apr 8, 2021

PHOENIX, Ariz. – PureTech Systems today announced the release of the PureActiv Rapid Deploy Virtual Perimeter. 

Scalable to small and large perimeters, the new Rapid Deploy Virtual Perimeter Unit (RDVPU) provides a temporary or permanent virtual perimeter protection system that requires very little deployment time. The smart and effective protection system uses a wireless connection to transmit alarms and video to a co-located or remote command and control center.  

The RDVPU  is equipped with PureTech's patented AI and geospatially boosted video analytics, PureActiv, which provides among the highest probability of detection while maintaining near-zero nuisance alarms. The system is enhanced with the use of radar, a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera, and optional loud hailers and light deterrents. In addition, the RDVPU is solar powered, needing little to no back-up fuel, thus providing an environmentally friendly protection system that does not require ground penetration and has no impact on local wildlife. 

"Hard-wired perimeter protection systems can take upwards of 2 years to install and require significantly larger budgets", said Larry Bowe, Jr., President of PureTech Systems. "PureTech's goal was to provide superior perimeter protection that could be installed in less time and cost. The infrastructure costs of deploying an RDVPU are 50% less than a hard-wired solution and can be installed in a fraction of the time while providing the same best-in-class level of perimeter intrusion detection, auto-verification, and automated deterrence.

"You can learn more about the PureActiv Rapid Deploy Virtual Perimeter by visiting the PureTech Systems website at

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