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PureTech Systems Integrates with Team Awareness Kit (TAK)

May 17, 2023

PHOENIX, Ariz – Today, PureTech Systems, announced a successful integration with Team Awareness Kit (TAK) and its PureActiv AlertView Common Operational Picture for improved situational awareness. PureTech is a leading provider of the most comprehensive, easy to integrate, and reliable AI-boosted, geospatial video analytics and sensor fusion software solutions for borders and critical infrastructure.

The integration between AlertView and TAK provides situational awareness for government and civilian agencies, with proper authority, by sharing real-time bi-directional mission information between central command and boots-on-the-ground. This advanced system includes integrations with a multitude of sensors designed to autonomously detect and classify persons and other items of interest and accelerate distribution of this critical information to security personnel.

"We are very proud to provide this integrated capability to DHS and make it available to other Agencies," said Larry Bowe, President of PureTech Systems. "By sharing information in real-time, agents and other security personnel coordinate their efforts more effectively and respond faster to potential threats.” Larry went on to say “Ultimately, this integration measurably increases productivity and thereby, lowers total cost of operations.”

“PureTech and its DHS customers recognize the immense potential of this integration, as TAK's advanced capabilities streamline communications, and support seamless coordination between all operational units on the ground and in other domains. With this powerful fusion of technology, we look forward to helping revolutionize the way missions are executed,” says Ilia Rosenberg, VP Federal Sector.

The integration of TAK with the PureActiv AlertView Common Operational Picture demonstrates PureTech Systems' commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance the safety and effectiveness of Government and Civilian agencies involved in first response. 

TAK is a US Government owned product and includes, but is not limited to, iTAK for iOS devices, ATAK for Android devices, and WinTAK for Windows.

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