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Summer 2022 Newsletter

Jul 7, 2022

PureActiv® Counter-UAS for Improved Situational Awareness

PureTech's PureActiv Software provides the cability to autonomously detect, classify, locate, track, alert, display video, and optionally counter both short- and long-range aerial threats.  Through seamless integrations with mission specific best-in-class sensors, cameras and counter-devices, PureTech drastically enhances situational awareness giving you the precise information you need to make an informed decision on how to counter these new types of air threats.PureActiv® Counter-UAS can be deployed on the R-DAPSS, or as part of a traditional hard-wired system.



PureActiv® Rapid-Deploy Autonomous Perimeter Surveillance System (R-DAPSS) at a Reduced Infrastructure Cost

R-DAPSS enables airports, borders, military bases, seaports, transit agencies, and utilities to quickly deploy a temporary or permanent high fidelity virtual perimeter system at substantially less cost and time than a hard-wired solution. The PureActiv R-DAPSS provides the same best-in-class level of perimeter intrusion detection, auto-verification, and automated deterrence as a hard wired-solution for both ground and air targets at less than half the infrastructure cost.


PureTech Gives Back

PureTech was a proud sponsor of the  Exemplary Service Award at the recent Border Patrol Foundation (BPF) Night at the Alamo. This award was given to an Agent who, while on duty, risked his life to save the lives of two children who were at risk of drowning in a river. 


Autonomous Intrusion Detection at the Edge

PureTech can deploy their industry leading video analytics on edge devices, giving customers edge device output to VMS Options:

  • False alarm reduction for radar, fence and motion video analytics,

  • Dynamic map as a video output,

  • Alarms via dry contact,

  • Alarms via software integration,

  • Live video from cameras with annotations, and

  • Recorded alarm video from cameras with annotations.



In Case You Missed It 

PureTech Systems President & CEO Larry Bowe was selected by GIT Security EMEA as an industry expert to provide his views on Security for Critical Infrastructure. He was one of four industry experts chosen to give a focus interview. During the interview, three questions were asked regarding approach and solutions, challenges and success cases. 


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