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Protecting critical facilities and their resources against intrusion and misuse of materials is a critical role consultants and security integrators deal with every day. There are many guidelines that have been released that provide information as to the type of security measures that should be considered when protecting these facilities. However, the details involved with making these measures a reality are often missing.  
There are many guidelines and criteria in surveillance that indicate you should be able to "Recognize" a target using around 48 pixels. Recognize means you can determine the class of the object: animal, person, vehicle, boat, etc. So how well do you think you can do? Take the Quiz

PureTech Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of geospatial video surveillance software, today announced the installation of its PureActiv® geospatial video surveillance system at the City of Fort Worth's Westside Water Treatment facility. The installation marks the third of the city's water facilities to utilize the PureActiv system.


Recently, I sat down and started jotting down some potential perimeter surveillance ideas and protection tips that would be insightful blog subjects for companies whose business involves remote facilities.  In doing so, I realized many of the concepts I wanted to explore varied based on the intended use of the perimeter sensors.  To use these tips to one's advantage, you would need to understand the mission statement of the sensor.  Oh the horror!  

Today's security market has many intelligent solutions that help aid security personnel in detecting, analyzing and responding to security events. From a video perspective, the decision often entails the decision to choose between a single device, like a camera, that has all the functionality embedded, or a software-based solution that allows choices of hardware platform and architecture. The decision to choose and "all in one" device is often not the correct path, as highlighted in the following table

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