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Webinar - Protecting the Power Grid
PureTech Systems on the US Border
PureTech featured in Technology Journal
White Paper - Grid Security
In the News - Border Protection
Video Analytics for Perimeter Surveillance
 Patent for Aerial Tracking of Drones
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Counting Cars with Video
Webinar - Protecting the Power Grid
The power grid was never designed to withstand physical attacks. The key to protecting this valuable asset is increasing security around substations and making the perimeter "smart". CLICK HERE

PureTech Systems on the US Border

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) granted "Full Operating Capability" of the Remote Video Surveillance Systems (RVSS) deployed for protection across the southern border of the United States. An important component of the RVSS system is PureTech Systems' Geospatial Video Management System for Command and Control and the PureActiv video analytics used for patented real-time automated long range detection, classification, and tracking. LEARN MORE

PureTech Systems featured in Technology Journal

PureTech was recently featured in Novus Light Technologies magazine. The magazine took an in depth look at PureTech System's man overboard detection system and how the video algorithm works to alarm on potential falls from ocean going vessels. READ THE ARTICLE

White Paper - Grid Security

Utilities cannot predict the likelihood of a terrorist attack, but they can prepare by addressing security around critical substations. This white paper looks at the various aspects of NERC CIP014 and how intelligent video surveillance solutions can be deployed to address these vulnerabilities. READ WHITE PAPER

In the News - Border Protection

Border control has never been a more sensitive issue in peace time than it is now in Europe and United States. PureTech Systems provides insight in this issue of Armada magazine. (READ THE ARTICLE) Likewise, Government Security News Magazine looked at PureTech System's role on the Border. (READ THE ARTICLE)

Video Analytics for Perimeter Surveillance

Critical Facilities have a continued need for efficient security, especially pertaining to protecting their perimeters. The ability to monitor a wide range of events over a vast amount of area in varied weather conditions, while accurately identifying potential threats and reacting is a complicated scenario. This presentation looks at how video analytics can be used to address the perimeter surveillance needs for critical facilities. VIEW PRESENTATION

Patent Granted for Aerial Tracking of Drones

PureTech Systems announces new patent which addresses video detection and autonomous camera tracking of flying drones and aircraft. The patent leverages the company's continued research and development using geospatial video analytics for both security and safety applications. READ RELEASE


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