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Image by Markus Winkler

March 18, 2021


PureTech Systems Announces Successful Integration with OWL GroundAware Radar

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems announced today the successful integration of PureActiv Software with the GroundAware® Radar from Observation Without Limits (OWL).

GroundAware is a ground surveillance sensor built around OWL’s simultaneous multi-beamforming Pulsed Doppler radar technology, delivering real-time situational awareness for critical infrastructure security applications. When coupled with PureTech’s AI Deep Learning based software, the PureActiv® system auto-verifies the object detected and tracked by the radar as a person, vehicle, or other object type. This enables the integrated system to automatically verify real threats and dramatically reduce nuisance alarms and the time spent reacting to them.

“OWL is pleased to work with PureTech, a partner that shares our commitment to integrated innovations,” said Mike Stokes, President of OWL. “GroundAware’s long-range, wide-area surveillance capabilities combined with PureActiv’s advanced threat intelligence creates a powerful solution with compelling range, accuracy and reliability.”

“PureTech is excited to be adding this impressive radar to the family of detection and tracking sensors supported by PureActiv.  Our open architecture integration capabilities enable us to offer the best-fit perimeter protection to address each individual customer’s needs with tailored security solutions.  Adding the OWL GroundAware Radar will enable us to further provide the highest level of perimeter and border protection for diverse and complicated deployments” said Larry Bowe, Jr., President of PureTech Systems.  

About PureTech Systems®
PureTech Systems Inc. is a privately owned company established in 2004 that develops, markets, and supports patented location-based AI video analytics software, PureActiv©, for real time safety and security applications.  The company’s software improves situational awareness with AI video analytics, sensor integration and information fusing for automated real-time event detection and forensic video content analysis with primary emphasis on automated intrusion detection and camera tracking for country borders and coastlines, facility perimeters and critical infrastructures (pipelines, railroads, dams, bridges, ports, utilities, power plants, military bases, and airports). To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at , call 602-424-9842 or


About OWL
Observation Without Limits (OWL), a Dynetics company, leverages nearly 47 years of radar expertise to develop, manufacture, and support the OWL GroundAware® family of 2D and 3D digital beamforming radar solutions. Critical infrastructure and government sectors around the world use OWL solutions for ground and low-altitude airspace surveillance as the foundation for their event-based layered security plans. Visit to learn more. 

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