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Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Harnessing the power of PureActiv, our patented geospatial AI-boosted video analytics, and the ability to expertly fuse data, PureTech Systems is positioned as a leader in autonomous ground and air wide-area perimeter intrusion detection solutions. Our innovative solutions, expertly designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing or new infrastructure, are redefining safety and security while delivering a tangible Return on Investment.


With our award-winning geospatial AI-boosted video analytics at the core of our offerings, your facility's perimeters are reinforced with autonomous intrusion detection and geolocation capabilities utilizing an array of sensors including cameras, radar systems, fence sensors and more. Furthermore, we take security to new heights by swiftly deploying PTZ cameras and, when necessary, dispatching drones to the exact location of any intrusion.

Once our intelligent system locks onto the target, our advanced AI and machine learning algorithms automatically classify the object of interest and triggers an alarm. You'll receive the image, looping video, live camera view, and map location – all in near-real time displayed within the PureActiv AlertView User Interface or your current VMS. PureActiv continues to autonomously track the target, ensuring you never lose sight of the intruder. Our revolutionary technology empowers operators to take swift, effective action and de-escalate situations, allowing a return to normal operations.

Key Benefits

  • Highest alarm accuracy guaranteed,

  • 99%+ reduction in nuisance alarms,

  • Plug and play integration into your existing system,

  • Lower total acquisition and support costs,

  • Dramatically increases operator productivity by reducing workload assessing nuisance alarms,

  • Improves site security by automating perimeter detection, deterrence, and response, and

  • Improved situational awareness.

PureTech Video Analytics


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