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Through the use of AI video analytics, sensor integration and information fusing, PureTech Systems is positioned as a leader in autonomous ground and air perimeter intrusion detection. By utilizing a new or existing sensor suite, it enables users to add PureTech's best-in-class automation to autonomously detect and geolocate intruders with analytics, radars and/or fence sensors, then slew PTZ cameras, and optionally dispatch drones to the geolocation of the intrusion. Once eyes are on the target, the object of interest is auto-classified with AI/ML and an alarm is issued including the image, looping video, live camera view and map location, to the user. PureActiv then autonomously locks-on target and continues to track so you don't loose track of your intruder. 

Key Benefits

  • Highest alarm accuracy guaranteed,

  • 95%+ reduction in nuisance alarms,

  • Dramatically increases operator productivity,

  • Improves site security by automating perimeter detection, deterrence, and response, and

  • Improved situational awareness.

PureTech Video Analytics


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