PureTech Systems and Proximex Complete Integration of Their Software Suites


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Dec 9, 2008
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PureTech Systems and Proximex Complete Integration of Their Software Suites

Sunnyvale, CA (Business Wire) – December 9, 2008 – Proximex, developers of award-winning solutions for the physical security information management (PSIM) market, announced today that it has expanded its Partner Program with the addition of nearly 30 technology, channel and OEM partners. As part of this program, Proximex also introduced its Software Development Kit (SDK), which is already in use by several companies to create truly integrated solutions for their customers.

"Our partnerships are different because they are built on more than just technology agreements," said Jack Smith, chief executive officer of Proximex. "In the long run, customers want assurance that all components of a project, including vendors themselves, work well together now and in the future. Because of this, our top priority for this program is to develop integrated sales and marketing relationships that are customer-focused and beneficial for all parties involved."

Since its initial introduction in early 2008, nearly 30 additional companies have joined the Proximex Partner Program as technology, channel and OEM partners. All partners in the Proximex program benefit from co-marketing activities and strong relationships built on the best solution for each customer.

"Integrators of advanced physical security solutions utilizing software from Proximex and Augusta Systems rely on the Proximex SDK to support streamlined deployment activities," said Patrick R. Esposito II, chief operating officer of Augusta Systems, Inc.  "The Proximex SDK opens up Surveillint to communicate with third-party software, including Augusta Systems EdgeFrontier, which supports integration and normalization of data and control functions and pushes intelligence beyond the data center through distributed event or policy-based processing. By connecting Surveillint with other software, the Proximex SDK facilitates the creation of rich solutions at a lower cost."

Companies in the Proximex Partner Program may also gain access to the Proximex SDK. This SDK offers more extensibility than ever for the creation of sophisticated security applications that integrate with a wide variety of systems and devices. Partners can take advantage of the tools included in the SDK and Proximex is committed to helping partners test their solutions in order to be assured that all systems are integrated properly.

"We've been extremely pleased with how easy it has been to integrate our PureActiv wide area surveillance system with Surveillint by using the open interface found in the Proximex SDK," said Larry J. Bowe, Jr., president of PureTech Systems. "It's important for us to be able to create new joint scenarios and demonstrate the outcome and value to the customer quickly. Proximex has does an outstanding job of allowing us to develop joint solutions to meet specific needs as well as impress our customers with fast results."

The Proximex SDK offers multiple levels of integration. First, the Proximex SDK can be used to quickly enable alarms and sensors from security systems to be displayed in Surveillint. Second, the SDK allows partners to develop their own full Integration Modules with Surveillint that take advantage of bi-directional capabilities to receive information as well as synchronize information and send commands to the vendor system. Finally, partners can use the Proximex SDK to develop customized user interfaces (UIs) built on top of Surveillint.

The open architecture of the Proximex SDK makes it easy to integrate with a customer's environment, whether simple or complex. This openness allows partners to better serve their customers' individual needs by being able to integrate with the security system or device of choice. It doesn't matter if the individual solutions are new or already installed at the customer's location, the Proximex SDK is flexible enough to work with virtually any security solution. Partners can choose the best solutions for their customers and still get the best of Proximex Surveillint, including business logic management, reporting and centralized management and control.

Partners that are using the Proximex SDK at any level are invited to join the Proximex Partner Program. For more information about the Proximex SDK and the Proximex Partner Program, please call (408) 216-5190 or visit our web site at http://proximex.com/index.asp?pgid=65.

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PureTech Systems Inc. is a market leading manufacturer of wide-area surveillance solutions including internally developed video analytics, multi-sensor integration and a map-based command and control.  It is offered to fortune 1000 firms, utilities, seaports, airports and federal, state and local governments.   With headquarters in Phoenix Arizona, PureTech Systems serves national and international markets.  To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at www.puretechsystems.com or contact Eric Olson at 602-424-9842 or e-mail us at info@puretechsystems.com .
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About Proximex
Proximex leads the physical security information management (PSIM) market by leveraging its innovative IT software expertise to drive security transformation by creating synergy between logical and physical security departments. Its flagship , won the 2008 New Product Showcase award in theäproduct, Proximex Surveillint Convergence category from the Security Industry Association and was named a finalist in the 2008 New Product of the Year award from Access Control & Security Systems. Surveillint powers users with an intelligent and flexible system to discover, connect and resolve security incidents fast. The impressive user interface (UI), business logic capability and open-architecture make Surveillint the preferred choice of security users at all levels within an organization, including operators, supervisors and executive management. Surveillint customers include defense, transportation and commercial entities with an urgent need to manage information from disparate security systems, improve operational efficiencies and reduce security risk. Privately held, Proximex is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA with offices in Texas, Tennessee and Colorado.

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