PureActiv to protect Ft. Worth Water Treatment Facility

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Sept 9, 2010
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PureTech Systems’ Wide-area Video Surveillance Solution to protect city of Fort Worth Water Treatment Facility

PureActiv® to provide intelligent video and command and control
PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of wide-area video surveillance software, today announced the completed installation of its PureActiv® wide area video surveillance system at the City of Fort Worth’s Village Creek Water Treatment facility.   The installation of the system was enabled by funding from Fort Worth’s continuing effort to increase public safety and will help further secure the perimeter of the facility and protect the City’s valuable assets throughout the property.  

The City of Fort Worth Water Department, which operates several water and waste water treatment facilities within the Fort Worth area, performed a rigorous evaluation of available perimeter solutions, including researching specifications, testing live systems on real scenarios and visiting existing reference sites.   In the end they selected PureTech’s PureActiv® wide area video surveillance system for its intelligent video analytic capabilities and wide range of command and control functionality.  “We had a good understanding of our needs and required feature set for the Village Creek security system upgrade.  PureTech demonstrated the ability to meet our rigid detection requirements and at the same time provided an intuitive user interface that provided our security personnel the information they needed quickly and easily,” stated Paul Bounds Director of Security for the City of Fort Worth Water Department.

The system protecting the facility includes the latest in surveillance technology.  PureActiv’s map based command and control will provide the water department with user friendly situational awareness that allows the ability to control sensors and view intrusion details directly on the map.  The installation also includes Puretech’s market-leading intelligent video analytic capabilities, providing both intruder detection and subsequent tracking.  The fully integrated system utilizes both visible light and thermal CCTV cameras, along with an integration with Software House’s CCure access control system.  Installation of PureActiv® is now beginning at Fort Worth’s North and South Holly facilities.

PureTech’s President, Larry Bowe, said “We are delighted to have been chosen by Fort Worth to protect its Village Creek facility.  The level of diligence Fort Worth took to evaluate the various solutions available is commendable and we are excited that our PureActiv® product achieved the requirements and features required.”

PureTech will be demonstrating the latest features of its PureActiv® System at the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Security Congress show in National Harbor, MD, Sept 19 - 22.


About PureTech Systems Inc.
PureTech Systems Inc. is a market leading manufacturer of wide-area surveillance solutions including internally developed video analytics, multi-sensor integration and a map-based command and control.  It is offered to fortune 1000 firms, utilities, ports, airports and federal, state and local governments.   With headquarters in Phoenix Arizona, PureTech Systems serves national and international markets.  To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at www.puretechsystems.com or contact Eric Olson at 602-424-9842 or e-mail us at info@puretechsystems.com .
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About City of Fort Worth Water
The mission of the Fort Worth Water Department is to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater service with environmental integrity. Fort Worth Water provides approximately 178 million gallons a day (MGD) of water to approximately 1.1 million people and also collects and treats an average of 110 MGD of wastewater from 850,000 customers. Fort Worth Water is committed to meeting the demands for water and wastewater service of its existing and future customers.  To find out more about Fort Worth Water Department visit our website at http://www.fortworthgov.org/water/ or contact us at wpe@fortworthgov.org or call 817-FW-24-HRS (817.392.4477).

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