PureTech Systems offers internship program for students

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August 31, 2011
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PureTech Systems offers internship program for students

Internship program for Arizona college students enters its third term. 

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems, a leading manufacturer of video analytics for surveillance of wide-area critical infrastructure, offers an educational internship program to students attending universities and colleges throughout the state of Arizona who are enrolled in mathematics, computer science or engineering departments. The program is now entering its third consecutive term as schools across the state begin their fall semester.

Since its inception, in August 2010, the program has hosted several interns each semester with a variety of career aspirations. The students have engaged in several challenging learning opportunities including learning how software can be used to distinguish humans from other objects such as small animals. Other interns have been involved in learning how complex systems can be tested and verified.

As Eric Olson, PureTech Vice President of Marketing explains, "Traditionally, internships, especially technical internships, are found at the larger corporations. As a small business, we’re proud that we’re able to offer this type of program to students in the Phoenix area, and hope that other small businesses will consider doing the same."

The internship program, which runs from August to December and again from January to May, focuses on providing students with a real-world setting to help prepare them for their transition into the workforce. Students experience firsthand a high-tech environment as they work along side professional engineers and scientists. This environment challenges them to grow as they learn to build a strong work ethic, collaborate with their coworkers and adapt their problem solving skills.

“PureTech Systems is very excited about our ability to offer this type of internship program. We have been truly impressed with the level of talent from those students who have participated. The students bring in a fresh perspective and a strong desire to learn while we get to return the favor by offering them the opportunity to understand how to apply their course of study to real world situations” comments Eric Olson.

Recently an intern and mathematics major provided feedback on how the program advanced his knowledge and encouraged him to pursue a different career path. Before his internship at PureTech, he was unsure of what path he was going to take in his career, but after the five month program, he found himself with a whole new skill set and a passion for a field he knew little about before.

To inquire about the internship program and learn more about PureTech Systems please visit www.puretechsystems.com/videos.html or email us at info@puretechsystems.com.

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