PureTech Systems Supports Upgrade of Remote Video Surveillance System for Customs and Border Protection

October 20, 2015

PureTech Systems Supports Upgrade of Remote Video Surveillance System for
Customs and Border Protection

Upgraded system will improve early alerting for Border Patrol Agents that maintain surveillance and provide response along the southern border.

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems®, a leading manufacturer of geospatial video analytic software, today announced that it recently completed the initial field deployment and test of the Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS) Upgrade for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This test successfully demonstrated the technical capabilities of the system and was a key program milestone in its deployment schedule, which includes installation at additional border patrol stations this year. USBP Agents are now operating the RVSS in Nogales, Ariz. PureTech Systems, a member of the General Dynamics OneSource team (GDOS), which was awarded the RVSS Upgrade contract, provides the software for full motion video, target detection, sensor control and the geospatial user interface. Located on elevated fixed towers and building structures, the RVSS Upgrade wide-area electro-optical and infrared multi-sensor camera system provides Border Patrol Agents with persistent ground-surveillance and real-time video analytics to effectively detect, track, identify, classify and respond to missions along U.S. borders. To date, PureTech Systems has participated in the deployment of a new command-and-control system and upgraded RVSS camera suites on new and existing tower sites supporting the Nogales Border Patrol Station. During the test, the system assisted field agents in real-world missions.

“The Remote Video Surveillance System is a critical element of our overall plan to secure the border, increase our mission effectiveness, and protect our agents,” said Mark Borkowski, Assistant Commissioner and Chief Acquisition Executive from CBP’s Office of Technology Innovation and Acquisition. “The GDOS team has done a great job honoring its commitments and we are excited to have achieved an initial operating capability in our first area of responsibility. We look forward to continuing this strong relationship, and to completing the rest of our Arizona deployments over the next year.”

“The RVSS Upgrade program deployment is an important milestone for PureTech Systems, for our PureActiv software suite, and for the entire General Dynamics RVSS team,” explained Larry Bowe, president of PureTech Systems. “Our solution is targeted at ground-based defense and homeland security applications which require long range, accurate performance in various terrain and weather conditions. The system acceptance of PureTech’s solution for use at the U.S. border confirms that we are correctly addressing the needs of this market.”

The RVSS Upgrade program has a potential 10-year performance period, during which the General Dynamics OneSource team, which includes PureTech Systems, will manage the operation and maintenance at all sites.

About PureTech Systems®
PureTech Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of wide-area perimeter surveillance software solutions including internally developed outdoor video analytics, multi-sensor integration and a map-based (real object size) command and control. It is offered to fortune 1000 firms, petro-chemical, water and electric utilities, seaports, airports and federal, state and local governments. With headquarters in Phoenix Arizona, PureTech Systems serves national and international markets. To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at www.puretechsystems.com or contact Eric Olson at 602-424-9842, Eric.Olson@PureTechSystems.com or Twitter @PureTechSystems.

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