PureTech Systems Recipient of Best Video Analytics Surveillance Solution

June 21, 2016

PureTech Systems Recipient of Best Video Analytics Surveillance Solution

PureActiv® Video Analytics receives top accolades in Airport, Seaport, Border Awards competition.

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems today announced that it is the winner of the 2016 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Award from Government Security News (GSN). PureActiv, the company's video analytics solution took top honors as the Best Video Analytics Surveillance Solution.

PureActiv geospatial video analytics provide security professionals with accurate, real-time alarms and video of suspicious activity in outdoor and remote environments while minimizing nuisance alarms. Instrumental in securing the award is the PureActiv patented video analytics feature set. Additionally, it is an industry leader in probability of detection (PD) and false alarm rate (FAR) benchmarks, as supported through feedback from customers’ competitive testing.

The key features submitted for the award recognition include:

Software-based Video stabilization – Eliminates effects of camera shake on the video due to winds or structural vibration.

Patented Multi-modal Adaptive Background Modeling - adapts to both transient and longer-term background changes.

Shadow/highlight filtering - Once objects are detected, an analysis is made to isolate and eliminate shadows cast by moving objects.

Object Classification – Capability to assign objects to classes of interest such as person, car, truck, or other. This information is available for detection rules and user-interface display.

Geo-Intelligence – Unique to PureActiv is the ability to analyze the video and understand a target’s location in real space (altitude, longitude and elevation). This understanding provides other geo-intelligence (GEOINT) including long range detection, real target size, real location, video track, map-based track, real speed, etc.

PTZ Camera Control Analytics – Video Analytics is no longer constrained to fixed cameras. The PureActiv software includes several analytics that control movement of PTZ cameras. These include Slew to Cue, Camera Auto Follow and Scan to Target.

This is the seventh year of the Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards program which recognizes the accomplishments of the technology companies, government agencies, scientists and executives, transportation and law enforcement agencies and the many others whose combined efforts keep us safe and secure on land, sea and at our borders. The 2016 program consisted of sixteen entry categories in eight solution groups.

About PureTech Systems®
PureTech Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of wide-area perimeter surveillance software solutions including internally developed outdoor video analytics, multi-sensor integration and a map-based (real object size) command and control. It is offered to fortune 1000 firms, petro-chemical, water and electric utilities, seaports, airports and federal, state and local governments. With headquarters in Phoenix Arizona, PureTech Systems serves national and international markets. To find out more about PureTech Systems Inc. visit our website at www.puretechsystems.com or contact Eric Olson at 602-424-9842, Eric.Olson@PureTechSystems.com or Twitter @PureTechSystems.

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