Integration - First Responder App for Android

PureTech has developed and deployed a first responder application for use on Android devices in conjunction with the PureActiv command and control. When used with PureActiv, the new application allows first responders and other security personnel to take a picture of an event or scene and have that information be sent remotely to the PureActiv command and control as a geographically based alarm.

The First Responder application allows the user to capture the image in either portrait or landscape mode. Once the image is captured, the user is provided a drop down menu to quickly attach a scenario category to the photo. The GPS location and timestamp are secured from the phone operating system and automatically attached to the image data. At that point the user may further clarify the event by entering a description, or can just submit the alarm. The alarm data packet is sent direct over the cellular network to the command and control system which processes the information just like a perimeter type alarm. The security officer at headquarters is provided with a pop up alarm, image, description and map based depiction of the event’s location.

Step by step operation is as follows:

Invoke the Application:

The application will appear as an icon in the main application area of your android phone. Selecting the icon will bring the user to the capture screen.

Capture the Image:

The image may be capture in either portrait of landscape mode. The perspective changes automatically as the phone is rotated. Initially the application will display the live camera view. Pressing the “CAPTURE” button invokes the phone’s camera and captures an image of the scene. Selecting “Cancel Preview” within 2 seconds resets the view to the live camera view..
A first responder using the Android app to capture a video alarm.
Figure 1 - Capture Screen

Enter Alarm Description:

Once the image is captured, the user is automatically taken to the Alarm Description screen. The user can select from a quick drop down of alarm types and add an additional free text description as desired. An optional user ID field is available as well.
A first responder sending Android video alarm to a surveillance command and control system.
Figure 2 - Alarm Description Screen and Drop Down Menu

Sending Alarm:

Meta data is automatically derived from the phone’s operating system and attached to the user provided data. Pressing “Send” sends the data to the PureActiv command and control system. Pressing “Cancel” cancels the event and brings the user back to the capture screen.

Viewing the Alarm:

With the PureActiv application, the user will see the image and associated information appear as a system alarm. The user may then take any action typically available with an alarm, including acknowledging the alarm, adding additional information, centering the map on the alarm or steering a camera to the location.

Remote video alarm from a first responder creating a video alarm, including exact location data.
Figure 3 - Alarm Display within PureActiv
The First Responder App is currently available of the Android platform. Operation may vary based on specific phone models and cellular plans.

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