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PureActiv® Counter-UAS

Unmanned Aerial Systems are becoming an increasing security risk on a national level. PureTech's PureActiv Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) provides the ability to autonomously detect, classify, track and alert users of both short and long range aerial threats. Through seamless integrations with their geospatial map, cameras, radars and a variety of other sensors, PureTech drastically enhances situational awareness giving the end-user the precise information, such as location, additional frequency, and drone classification information, needed to make an informed decision and take swift action. Coupled with their market leading AI Deep Learning Video Analytics, PureTech can not only produce the ability to detect, classify and track drones, but can do so while eliminating up to 95% less nuisance alarms than the competition. 

PureTech's C-UAS capability further demonstrates the system’s scalability and resiliency to enable all-domain command and control capabilities. PureTech's PureActiv multi-domain autonomous detection delivers a full picture to the user that includes pre & post alarm recording, alarm replay and a live video. Through PTZ Auto-Tracking, the target will always stay centered in the field of view, so there are no questions when it comes to security on your  border, or facility perimeter.


  • Protects lives & critical infrastructure

  • Achieves security objectives with less staff

  • Improves surveillance effectiveness (force multiplier)

  • Maximizes situational awareness

  • Enables informed, proactive decisions

  • Minimizes nuisance alarms


  • Integrated with Team Awareness Kit (TAK)

  • Provides auto-identify using PureActiv AI

  • Slew cameras to detected drone locations

  • Geospatial map integration drastically enhances situational awareness

  • Merge tracks from multiple radars

  • Display additional frequency and drone classification information in AlertView

PureTech successfully demonstrates the capability to autonomously detect and tracking drones with two radars. Further, these drone tracks can be merged, thus providing only one track. Once locked on to the target, a PTZ camera slews over to the location of the drone giving the end-user eyes on the target. 

Radar and Camera Integrations