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PureActiv PurifAI False Alarm Reduction for Central Monitoring

Empowered by 17 years of real-world deployments and data collection for training neural networks, PureTech is introducing its market leading AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics for false and nuisance alarm rejection for central monitoring operations.

The patented cloud based service reprocesses video motion alarms from any source (cameras, DVRs, NVRs, other video analytics, motion sensors) and eliminates false alarms caused by lighting changes, shadows, animals, rain-drops; all those sources that have historically plagued motion only based video analytics. 

Key Benefits

  • Enable you to dramatically scale your business without adding staff,

  • Increase your monitoring effectiveness; respond to actual events in significantly less time,

  • Works with video motion alarms from any source (NVR, DVR, cameras),

  • No hardware required, Cloud based service, and

  • Scales with your business.

Alarm Reduction for Central Monitoring
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Key Features

  • Reduce false/nuisance alarms by up to 95%.

  • Uses Convolutional Neural Network Deep Learning for high fidelity classification.

  • Fast deployment, simple configuration - simply draw polygons in areas of interest.