PureActiv PoolProtect

Avoid Pool Accidents before they occur 

A person can drown in less than 60 seconds. Being proactive and preventing accidents before they happen is essential. 

Unfortunately, most pool safety systems are designed to alert after someone is already in the water. 

PureTech's patented AI Video Analytics will analyze movement around the pool and alert you to potential dangers before an accident has occurred. 

 With over 16 years of real-world deployments in some of the most difficult security markets, our patented video analytics software, PureActiv, can provide among the highest level of detection for your pool security needs.

This superior level of analytics turns your standard security camera into a detection sensor, giving you the extra time needed to potentially save a life. Our detection system will alert you before pool accidents occur while eliminating false alarms from weather, falling leaves, branches, and other nuisances.

Camera Confiruation Graphic.PNG

Key Features:

  • Detect a person in pool area BEFORE accidents occur, 

  • Day/Night Monitoring,

  • Can be turned off while enjoying pool time, 

  • Can detect or ignore pets in the pool area, 

  • View live or recorded video through PC Client Application, 


  • Send warnings to phone or tablet for immediate response, 

  • Audible indoor and/or outdoor alarm,

  • Simple and fast installation, 

  • Doubles as home security system,

  • Can be integrated with most current security cameras.