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PureTech Reference Installations

PureTech Systems Inc. has reference installations in markets ranging from government to utilities, nuclear power plants to airports and seaports. The following installations are key installations.


U.S. Border

Fixed Towers, Relocatable Towers, and Mobile (truck) Systems.

Late afternoon scene with view on riverb

Nuclear Power Plants

Multi-sensor integrated Automated Early Warning Perimeter System.

Train Station_edited_edited.jpg

Rapid Transit

Rail Intrusion Detection System.

distribution electric substation with po

Electric Utilities

Perimeter Intelligent video detection integrated into 3rd Party NVR.


U.S. & International Commercial Seaports

Geospatial Intelligent Video Management Solution.


Water Utilities

Geospatial Intelligent Video Perimeter protection system.

Airport security_edited.jpg

Foreign Ministry of Defense

Airport, high-risk sites, and mobile systems.

Mesh perimeter fence for oil refinery en

U.S. Defense Contractor

Multiple high security sites around the U.S., centrally monitored.

Shipyard (panorama)_edited.jpg

U.S. Military Seaports 

Water-side geospatial perimeter protection solution.

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