Perimeter Protection for AirportsAirports face specific security challenges. The facilities cover immense areas, spanning hundreds, sometimes thousands, of acres. Often located in urban areas, airports also have become increasingly encroached by housing developments and warehouses. These factors, and others, make it unsightly and cost prohibitive to surround airport perimeters with 20-foot, razor-wire fences and other similar security devices.

Before and since the September 11 terrorist attacks, airports focused the most effort on internal security measures. This disproportionate emphasis has left external airport security vulnerable, making airport perimeters the system’s weakest point. The vulnerability of our airports’ perimeters is exacerbated by heightened concerns over potential terrorists gaining access to runways and airplanes using external, rather than internal, means. In response, the critical has issued more stringent airport security requirements.

Given this situation, the challenge then is to heighten both internal and external security measures to help prevent and respond to real or perceived terrorist threats. For external areas, this involves protecting perimeters, runways, airplanes and adjacent/remote airport properties. For internal areas, this means elevating existing protocols even further.

PureTech System’s automated surveillance solution, PureActiv, arms airports with a powerful ‘command and control’ system for detecting, identifying and tracking security breaches within and among these expansive, complex facilities. Integrating satellite imagery of the airport, internal and external cameras, fence detection systems and other security variables, PureActiv monitors internal and external locations, including perimeters, runways, airplanes, freight facilities, security screening areas, and much more. Using PureActiv’s interactive interface, operators can program PureActiv to account for certain control parameters, such as speed, size and shape, and tag specific areas of concern, such as an unauthorized aircraft or an unused security door. The PureActiv system identifies when designated security parameters have been violated, notifies security personnel with an alarm, tracks and records the intrusion and provides operators with the information they need to orchestrate an appropriate emergency response.

To illustrate a few of PureActiv’s powerful capabilities, consider the following scenarios:

Scenario PureActiv’s Capability
A car bomber intends to drive into an airport’s departure lobby and detonate a bomb. Car bombers usually fit a certain vehicle and driving profile: they often drive large trucks and accelerate more and more intensely as they approach their target. With PureActiv, operators can set the software to detect vehicles with certain size (e.g., 12’x8’) and speed (e.g., 35 mph) parameters. If an approaching vehicle meets or exceeds the chosen parameters, the alarm will sound, security personnel will be notified and an appropriate response will be issued.
A group of terrorists has cut through an airport’s chain link perimeter fence with the intention of sneaking onto an aircraft waiting for departure. Integrated with fence detection sensors, PureActiv will detect a person(s) cutting through or climbing over an airport’s perimeter fence. When this happens, an alarm will notify security personnel and PureActiv will display a map with the exact location of the intrusion while continuing to track, identify and record the suspects. Further, PureActiv also allows operators to control cameras using a point-and-click interface, allowing them to fully understand the situation before implementing an emergency response.
A freight aircraft containing hazardous material departs in 12 hours. As a security precaution, the airport has declared that the airplane cannot be accessed by anyone until 1 hour prior to takeoff. Using PureActiv’s innovative and intuitive visual interface, an operator can draw a ‘virtual’ perimeter zone around that aircraft. If a person or a large object (e.g., vehicle) crosses that region, the system will alarm, notify security and track the offending person or object.
There is a construction project on a segment of the airport’s tarmac that must be checked on routinely. PureActiv’s manual point-and-click interface can control multiple cameras simultaneously, allowing an operator to regularly check the construction project’s status without having to access the area physically and thereby reducing traffic on the tarmac.
A terrorist steals an airline employee’s access card, allowing them to gain entry to the airport’s unauthorized zones including airplanes and baggage areas. The PureActiv system can be integrated with an airport’s card access system, wherein every time an airport employee scans his/her access card, PureActiv provides security personnel with a comparison of a live image of the person against an archived still image. This prevents the effective use of stolen employee access cards, thwarting this type of terrorist attempt.

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