Perimeter Protection for Military and Borders Military establishments are constantly protecting their citizens from terrorism, both domestic and international, but at the same time they must protect their own facilities and assets from threats and attacks.
The military has an incredible variety of critical facilities, most of which have large expansive boundaries. These include airfields, ammo facilities, power stations, testing facilities, personnel accommodations and equipment depots. All these facilities require twenty-four hour protection of both the assets managed at the site, as well as, the military personnel that work and are housed there. In many cases, these facilities are well equipped with many types of perimeter protection, including cameras, fence sensors and radar, but risks have continued to escalate and the management of all those sensors is costly and resource intensive.

Although fortified with sensors, it takes a considerable amount of manpower to monitor and interpret the myriad of sensors typically installed at a military facility. This manpower has a significant cost in today’s military’s tight budget. The challenge is to afford the use of these sensors in a systematic way that allows effective use of personnel so they may spend their time reacting to a situation, versus monitoring for a situation.

PureTech System’s automated wide-area surveillance solution, PureActiv, arms military customers with the ability to effectively and efficiently manage their security assets.  Firstly, its advance video analytics provides a means for the software to “do the watching” and inform operators when a situation has developed. Using internally developed video algorithms, PureActiv follows advanced detection rules: classifying objects as people, cars, trucks and various watercrafts, eliminating background items such as vegetation movement, lighting changes, precipitation and performing such tasks as counting, trip lines or entry / exit events within critical regions. The software essentially emulates human vision to relieve personnel from having to stare at video monitors and sensor outputs around the clock.

In addition to performing the watching, automated functions, like “slew to cue” and single camera PTZ follow allow the operator to begin actions to remedy the situation without having to simultaneously control the sensors or cameras to monitor the intrusion in progress. In the past an operator might have to manually track an intruder with a joystick enabled PTZ camera while performing other response tasks to communicate the intrusion and instigate corrective actions. With PureActiv, the software allows for hands off following of the intruder, allowing more efficient response to the situation.

Finally, PureActiv’s advanced command and control system merges data from multiple sensors and displays them on a signal user interface. This allows for an extra level of intelligence by combining the results of several sensors before annunciating a potential event, as well as, providing the operator with a geographically based display to quickly determine situational awareness.  Typical applications might be the detection of an intrusion by radar, followed by the automatic “slew to cue” of a camera, subsequent detection and classification in the video space, video based alarm annunciation and automatic camera following of the target in question. What used to be a set of multistep manual actions and sensor interrogations is now a highly integrated automatic process. The result is a highly effective, cost efficient system for securing military facilities and protecting high value assets.

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