Perimeter Protection for SeaportsSeaports, including both freight and cruise line facilities, face a number of distinct security challenges. Because seaports include both a seaside that cannot be fenced and a landlocked area, port security must account for these two vastly different terrains.

Freight seaports handle and store thousands of large seagoing containers. For security reasons, seaport workers are required to maintain tight control over inventories and scan individual containers for radiation, ensuring that no unauthorized material leaves the docks. Conversely, cruise ship seaports accommodate cruise line passengers, serving as a loading and boarding station for thousands of travelers, much like our country’s airports. In the wake of September 11 and given the sheer volume of cruise line passengers, officials identified cruise ships as high-risk terrorist targets. In addition to interior infiltration, cruise ships are vulnerable to external, seaside sabotage. For this reason, the Coast Guard prohibits boats and other watercraft from going near cruise ships during boarding and disembarking.

In light of this situation, seaports face a daunting challenge—to protect our ports’ seaside and landside areas from unauthorized intrusions and potential terrorist activities. For freight seaports, this means monitoring containers, maintaining fence protection systems, ensuring cargo remains safe and sanitized, and controlling incoming rail and truck traffic. For cruise ship seaports, this involves maintaining a secure, boat-free perimeter around docked cruise ships and enforcing passenger and baggage screening zones within the seaport’s boarding terminal.

Given that seaports cover expansive areas, live security personnel are unable to monitor all locations at all times. But PureActiv can. PureTech System’s wide-area surveillance and perimeter protection solution is a ‘smart’ command and control system that transforms a network of cameras into intelligent object detection, tracking and recording sensors. Through satellite imagery, advanced video scene analysis and an algorithm-based detection and tracking system, the PureActiv system identifies when designated security parameters have been violated, notifies security personnel with an alarm, tracks and records the intrusion and provides operators with the information they need to orchestrate an appropriate emergency response. Ideal for seaport security, the PureActiv technology can be integrated to monitor seaside perimeters, enforce proper passenger and baggage screening protocols, supervise the unloading of freight containers, and guard fences on a port’s landside perimeter.

The PureActiv system’s powerful video analysis and detection capabilities address the specific security challenges faced by seaports. Consider these scenarios:

Scenario PureActiv’s Capability
Using a boat, a terrorist plans to detonate explosives just as passengers begin disembarking a docked cruise ship. By integrating PureActiv with a camera or series of cameras looking outward toward the open sea, an operator can draw a large, virtual perimeter around the cruise ship on the system’s screen. If a boat, for example, crosses that imaginary perimeter line, the system will alarm, notify security personnel, and track the boat—giving emergency response teams time to prevent the attack.
A scanner detects three containers emanating radiation at a busy freight seaport. Using PureActiv’s manual point-and-click interface, an operator can tell one or more cameras to monitor, record and gather information about all three containers until appropriate inspection teams arrive, preventing workers from having to access potentially harmful, radioactive material.
Three freight workers sneak off their cargo ship in the middle of the night, attempting to enter the country illegally. In this instance, PureActiv ‘command and control’ interface can be used as a customs management tool, wherein an operator can designate parameters that trigger an alarm if ship workers leave a docked vessel or scale a fence during unauthorized times, especially at night.

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