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VisionView 50
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The VisionView 50°is an advanced camera system that features two imagers (1 HD 1080P day/night and 1 uncooled thermal) that combine to provide 50° coverage day, night and in other low visibility conditions.  When coupled with PureTech’s patented market-leading geospatial analytics, the VisionView 50 provides 50 degrees protection including object detection, tracking, classification, and geographic location.  The sensor suite provides high resolution visible and thermal cameras to provide daytime and zero light detection. This allows for complete intruder and threat coverage in total darkness and reduced visibility conditions making it a great choice when protecting borders, perimeters and coastlines. The camera is fully weatherproof, rated to IP66, and deploys easily via a single POE Ethernet Connector.


Enhances Protection of Country Borders, Coastal Areas, and Critical Perimeters.
• Provides 50 degree field-of-view surveillance.
• PureTech’s geospatial outdoor video analytics for detection, tracking, classification and PTZ slew-to-cue (optional).
• Integration with PureTech’s PureActiv AlertView command and control.
• Compatible with other NVR/VMS/PSIM systems.
• Combination LWIR and Color Day/Night cameras. Total of 2 video feeds.
• IR Cut Filter for visible camera night mode.
• POE with a single military grade RJ45 connector.