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Image by Tim Mossholder

August 14, 2018

PureTech Systems Introduces VisionView™ 180 Camera for Outdoor Perimeter Security

The company’s first camera offering includes six imagers centrally housed for day/night 180-degree surveillance.

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- PureTech Systems today announced its first entry into the security imager market, the VisionView™ 180 camera. The next-generation outdoor security camera combines three EO CCTV imagers and three thermal imagers into a single ruggedized housing, providing 180-degree coverage for both day and night operation.

Key features of the VisionView™ 180 camera include:

  • Multiple thermal sensors – Provides the ability to deliver wide-area monitoring in unfavorable lighting or weather conditions and at night

  • High-definition optical cameras – 1080p resolution to realize accurate visual identification of intruders.

  • Horizon Alignment - Ability to adjust side cameras to ensure a continuous horizon when installed at various heights.

  • Single Ruggedized Housing – IP67, temperature rated housing for harsh environment installation.

  • Power over Ethernet – POE connections allow ease of install.

“The VisionView 180 represents a significant step in PureTech Systems’ journey as an intelligent video technology leader in the surveillance and safety markets,” explains Larry Bowe, PureTech Systems president/CEO. “For well over a decade we have worked with the best cameras in the industry, specifying them in critical infrastructure protection designs. By applying our patented video analytics algorithms to these camera images, we transform the combination into powerful detection and tracking sensors.The VisionView 180 camera leverages years of imaging technology experience to enable us to offer a unique camera that provides continuous day and night detection coverage over a 180-degree field of view.”

The first production versions of the VisionView 180 models began shipping in early July, with initial deployments for surveillance along the southern U.S. Border. 

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