A rising incident of travelers rage, mounting complaints, illegal parking, lost revenue and high emissions from cars looking for parking spaces have institutions searching for a better way to route cars to available parking spaces. Expansive parking structures and high cost of installing traditional counting systems further complicate the issue. That's what the PureActiv Vehicle Counting technology can help.

Turn Cameras Into Intelligent Counting Sensors

Car Counting Solutions, Vehicle CountingUsing advanced digital signal processing (DSP), PureActiv Vehicle Counting transforms video cameras into intelligent counting sensors. Its stand-alone design enables it to detect and count vehicles utilizing video received from IP and/or analog video cameras The software even stabilizes the video image to remove camera and vibration effects. Advanced background algorithms then ignore any nuisance images, such as shadows or lighting changes. Once an object in detected, a filter is applied to avoid counting nonvehicle items, such as humans and luggage, or vehicles not moving in the desired counting direction. An accurate count is then provided by floor or zone.

Higher Accuracy, Easier Install over Loop Detectors

PureActiv’s Vehicle Counting is a server based system, processing the video at a central monitoring location. That means there is no need to make expensive cuts into existing pavement or pre-stressed concrete, as is often required for loop sensor systems.

The system also maintains a very high counting accuracy, versus loop detectors which tend to be very inaccurate, perhaps only achieving 50%—60% accuracy. In actual customer installations, the PureActiv system achieves rates over 99%. This can translate directly to revenue dollars and increased customer satisfaction, by keeping spaces full and insuring spaces are really available when directing a parking customer to a floor or zone. The system even counts in difficult areas such as low ceiling areas and helixes.

Open Architecture with Security Capability

The system is an open architecture so it can integrate into existing parking systems. In many cases, it can reutilize existing security cameras as well. If needed, PureActiv can also act as a full video management and alarm system to meet the security needs of the parking facility.

Features Benefits
Significantly more accurate than loop detectors (over 99% accuracy) Increase Revenue - Utilize full potential of parking structure with high accuracy rates
Simple installation and less intrusive than loop detectors Decrease Costs: Save installation dollars over traditional counting technologies
Utilize cameras to accurately count parking traffic by zone or floor Increase customer satisfaction
Ignore non-vehicles (people, lighting, baggage carts) Reduce emissions by getting cars to their parking space quicker
Count in one or both directions
Reconfigurable (cameras can be easily moved)
Wireless Capable
Ability to act as full video security system

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