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PureActiv® Geospatial AI-Boosted Video Analytics

With decades of progressively sophisticated successful deployments, and continuous innovation including 16 issued patents, PureTech Systems' patented geospatial AI-boosted video analytics provide users with the best-in-class probability of detection with the lowest false alarm rates for autonomously securing perimeters around facilities, infrastructures and borders. PurifAI™ eliminates up to 95% of nuisance alarms from radar, fence sensors, and motion-based video analytics. Skeptical? Feel free to put us to the test against any competitor.

  • Eliminates up to 95% of nuisance alarms using ML.

  • Utilizes existing cameras, radars, fence sensors, access control, NVR, and network.

  • Dramatically increases operator productivity (force multiplier).

  • Improves site security and situational awareness by automating perimeter detection, deterrence, and response.

  • Longer detection and classification (PurifAI) ranges reduces infrastructure costs by as much as 30%.

  • Location of detected targets shown on GIS Map.

  • Can run on edge devices, servers or in the cloud.

  • No operational changes,

  • Easily Scales to fit your budget and needs today and tomorrow,

  • Autonomous PTZ camera lock-on-target tracking keeps intruder in camera view,

  • Gives your NVR live geospatial map capability with no integration required,

  • Lower total system purchase and support costs, and

  • ​Decades of progressively sophisticated successful deployments, and continuous innovation including 16 issued patents.

Key Benefits

Long-Range Detection followed by DL Classify

Object Left Behind


"We selected PureTech Systems for our perimeter surveillance software solution due to their ability to integrate best-of-breed perimeter sensors including their award-winning video analytics. After working with them for over 7 years, we are extremely pleased with not only the capabilities of their solution, but also the effort they bring to the table to ensure our needs are met. We consider them a valuable partner." 


Auto-Detect and Geolocate Intrusions
PureTech's Auto-Detect and Geolocate Intrusions
  • PureTech Geospatial Video Analytics,

  • Fence Sensors,

  • Radars,

  • Ground, and

  • Other sensors.

Auto Classify Intruders
PureTech's Auto Classify Intruders
  • Autonomously steer cameras, dispatch drones to gelocation of intrusion.

  • Using ML, classify target as a threat/non-threat.

Auto Alert Personnel & Keep Track of Intruders
PureTech's Auto Alert Personnel and Keep Track of Intruders
  • Issue alarms - Mobile devices, Workstations.

  • Autonomously follow intruders.

  • Keep airborne and ground intruders in camera view.

Auto Deter & Defeat
PureTech's Auto Deter and Defeat
  • Blast intruders with deterrent sounds and strobe lights.

  • Jame drone communications and GPS. 

Supported Behaviors

  • Zone Entry/Exit,

  • Stopping,

  • Loitering,

  • Crowding,

  • Object Left Behind,

  • Travel Path,

  • PTZ Camera Drone Tracking,

  • Moving too fast or too slow,

  • PTZ Camera Handoff,

  • PTZ Follow specified target,

  • Crawling, Walking, Running,

  • Wrong Direction of travel,

  • Thrown Object,

  • Removed Object,

  • Person & Vehicle Tailgating, and

  • Counting.

Tailgating Detection

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