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Integrated Radar Solutions

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At PureTech Systems, we are at the forefront of combining innovative short, medium and long-range ground and aerial radar technology with our advanced PureActiv geospatial AI-Boosted Video Analytics to offer a layered surveillance solution. Upon detection of an intruder by radar, our advanced software employs PureActiv geospatial AI-boosted video analytics to automatically classify the intruder as a person or vehicle through the PTZ camera's video feed. This combination of technologies allow the PTZ camera to continuously follow the target, even when it moves outside the radar's field of view (FOV), ensuring uninterrupted surveillance. Additionally, it prioritizes the tracking of specific targets that are a potential threat, adeptly managing multiple intruders of varying types without confusion. With the geospatial nature of PureActiv geospatial AI-Boosted Video Analytics, our system can output video to a GIS map as an ONVIF video channel, integrating smoothly with your PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) of choice or NVR (Network Video Recorder) systems.

Key Benefits

  • Nuisance Alarm Elimination - PureActiv geospatial AI-boosted video analytics filter out nearly all nuisance alarms from radars including animals, vegetation and debris.

  • Cost Effective - Fewer sensors are required to achieve coverage allowing for more cost-effective, comprehensive coverage.

  • Alarm Priority - Issue high priority alarms on auto-verified radar detections (classified with video analytics) and optionally, lower priority alarms on radar only detections.

  • Configurable Zone Logic - entering or exiting on specific sides, starting moving in the zone, speeding, and traversing multiple zones.

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness - Automatic PTZ follow provides continuous live imagery and geolocation of objects of interest, even outside the radar coverage area.

  • Extensive Sensor Integrations - Integration with other perimeter sensors including, fence and ground sensors, access control systems, and drone detection systems.

PureActiv AI Boosted Video Analytics with Magos Radars

PureTech offers a turnkey solution for effective perimeter protection by combining Magos radars with PureTech's PureActiv geospatial AI-boosted video analytics. This field-proven solution offers robust automated wide-area protection with the highest probability of detection and lowest nuisance alarm rate.

Range Coverage Diagram

The below diagrams depict the coverage achieved with radars PureTech offers from the Magos line of radars.

All Radars Image (2).png

Example Sensor Locations

PureTech's innovative security solutions employ a blend of advanced technologies to ensure comprehensive and efficient perimeter protection, addressing potential intrusion detections before they make it to the fence.

Sealed perimet.png

(2) ptz cameras to cover the range of the radar

​(12) radars

Supported PureActiv Behaviors

  • Zone Entry/Exit,

  • Moving too fast or too slow,

  • Crawling, Walking, Running,

  • Wrong Direction of travel,

  • Travel Path,

  • PTZ Camera Drone Tracking,

  • PTZ Follow specified target,

  • Stopping,

  • Loitering,

  • Crowding,

  • Left behind object,

  • Thrown object,

  • Removed object,

  • Person & vehicle tailgating, and

  • Counting.

Example Site Diagrams

Actual design of a multi-layered security approach, utilizing a combination of short, medium and long-range radars, paired with thermal cameras equipped with PureActiv AI-Boosted Video Analytics for effective monitoring in densely populated areas.


Light blue – Long-range radar on tower

Purple – Medium-range radars

Green – Magos SR-250 radars

Yellow – Thermal cameras with PureActiv AI-Boosted Video Analytics for crowded corridors

This configuration enhances security efficiency by employing PTZ cameras equipped with PureActiv Auto-Verification to accurately confirm radar detections, significantly reducing false alarms and streamlining the monitoring process.


Pink – PTZ coverage with PureActiv Auto-Verification

(nuisance alarm elimination) of detections by radars.

Long Range Ground & Marine Radars

Long-range detection radars stand at the forefront of perimeter security, offering the ability to detect potential threats over vast distances and in all weather conditions. Whether for ground-based facilities or marine environments, these radars provide the early warning necessary to prepare and respond effectively to a variety of security challenges. When paired with PureTech's geospatial AI-boosted video analytics, the capabilities of long-range radars are not just enhanced; they are transformed. Our AI technology processes and interprets radar data with unprecedented precision, turning raw information into actionable intelligence.

Drone Detection Radars

In an era where aerial threats, including drones, have become a significant security concern, the integration of drone detection radars with PureTech's AI-boosted video analytics offers an advanced solution to safeguard assets and ensure public safety. 

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