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PureTech Solutions

PureTech’s patented location and AI based intrusion detection software automates wide area and perimeter protection for the most critical applications, where high probability of detection and low nuisance alarm rates are mandatory.

PureTech Systems Inc. PureActiv® Software Solution provides a scalable layered automated detection, classification, tracking, and deterrent solution for protecting any critical infrastructures, facilities, and borders.  PureActiv can dramatically increase surveillance effectiveness and efficiencies by acting as a force multiplier.


PureActiv’s open architecture software solution easily integrates with numerous perimeter and field sensors and systems to enable your organization to quickly leverage as much or as little of PureTech’s capabilities as needed.   PureActiv can automate the entire process from intrusion detection, auto-verification, PTZ Auto-follow, and invoking non-lethal acoustic deterrents.


PureActiv AI Video analytics are in wide use today automating the protection of borders, numerous types of transportation infrastructures (Airports, Seaports, Transit agencies, Parking management), Man overboard, Military bases, and utilities, among others. Since PureTech’s PureActiv AI Video Analytics boast the longest detection ranges in the market (over 5 miles), camera counts are minimized, which dramatically lowers infrastructure costs including fewer cameras, recording, poles, power and network infrastructure, and installation labor.

Long Range Dectection(>5 miles)

AI Video Analytics, Long Range Detection
Deep Learning Classified people, cars

AI Deep Learning Video Analytics

PureActiv’s 17-year time-tested Video Analytics now incorporate automated verification capability using AI Deep Learning Neural nets, which adds a second high-fidelity object classification into an already robust video analytics pipeline.  The net effect is even lower nuisance alarm levels with very high probability of detection. 

Automated Detect, Classify, & Deter

Auto-Detection Intrusion Detection
  • Radar

  • As small and slow as a crawling person

  • As large and fast as a vehicle

Auto Slew to Cue Detection and Classification
Auto- Slew PTZ & Classify Target
  • Automatically point PTZ Camera at detection location. 

  • Automatically Classify detection (human, vehicle, animal, other.

  • Alarm or ignore as appropriate. 

Auto-follow Intrusion Detection
  • Automatically follow intruder with PTZ camera. 

  • No operator intervention required. 

PureActiv Activates Intruder Deterrents
Auto Activate 
  • Automatically control loud hailers and strobe lights to thwart intruders. 

PureActiv Alertview Geospatial Command & Control Interface

PureActiv User Interface for real-time intruder detection

PureActiv AI Analytics can be integrated into third party NVR and PSIM systems or when used with PureActiv AlertView Real-time video and sensor management command and control client provide a complete end-to-end software solution.  PureActiv AI Analytics can be deployed on edge-devices and enterprise servers.

PureActiv AI Video Analytics Integrated into 3rd
Party VMS and/or PSM

VMS and PSM Integration

PureActiv AI Video Analytics Integrated into
PureActiv AlertView Command and Control

Command and Control Integration for perimeter security

Many times, the right detection solution is not a single sensor technology.  In addition to its AI Video Analytics, PureActiv integrates with other perimeter sensors such as radar, buried or on-fence fiber detection systems, and ground sensors either singularly or combining them to provide just the right level of protection your perimeter requires.

 PureActiv Open System, Agile Real-time Detection and Response Command and Control

Real Time perimeter intrusion detection

PureTech Markets

Skeptical? Put us to the test.  If your company has an initiative to secure critical infrastructure or country borders, we’d be happy to engage with you to prove our performance including comparison against any competitor in the market.  We are that confident in our performance.