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False Alarm Elimination

Perimeter breach nuisance alarms not only hinder the effectiveness of security personnel, but also takes time away from completing other important work. PureTech’s patented DL Auto-Verify (PurifAI) provides relief to users experiencing excessive nuisance alarms caused by radars and fence sensors. Leveraging 17 years of surveillance video, PureTech’s machine learned analytics applied to video from PTZ cameras reduces nuisance alarms by as much as 95%, while still maintaining industry high probability of detection. This plug-and-play system allows you to utilize your existing infrastructure and improve your overall perimeter security and personnel efficiency at a minimal cost.

Key Benefits

  • 95%+ reduction in Nuisance Alarms,

  • Dramatically increases operator efficiency and effectiveness by reducing their workload,

  • Low-cost enhancement to your current system,

  • Improved overall situational awareness, and

  • Simple plug and play installation.


Untitled design (20).png

Outputs to VMS Options:

  • Alarms via dry contact,

  • Alarms via software integration,

  • Live video with annotations,

  • Recorded alarm video with annotations, and

  • Optionally, dynamic map as a video output.

Radars, Fence

& Cameras

Cloud, Edge Devices, Servers

Your VMS

PureTech’s patented ML/DL Auto-Verify in tandem with a PTZ camera, rejects the following false alarms caused by fence fiber and radar because they are not seen as objects of interest in the detection area.

Vibrations Due to Loud Sounds

Plane landing on the runway at late afternoon.jpg

Fence/Buried Fiber

Something Moving Other Than Person or Vehicle

Plastic bag flying in the field and contaminate environment. Environmental problem with wa


Fence Vibrations Not From Person or Vehicle

Image by Sergi Dolcet Escrig

Fence/Buried Fiber

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