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PureTech Integrated Automated Products

Our product solutions deliver a fully integrated automated outdoor wide-area and perimeter protection system. PureActiv is among the highest in probability of detection and lowest in nuisance alarm rates, providing a superior level of security for your facility, infrastructure, and border.

Detect, Track, Classify, and Deter with one system. Your safety is our priority.

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The PureActiv system provides world-class situational awareness and proactive management of outdoor security threats to lives, critical facilities and assets.

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When coupled with PureTech’s patented market-leading geospatial analytics, the VisionView 180 provides 180 degrees protection.

Sensor Integration Platform

Many times, the right detection solution is not a single sensor. PureActiv integrates with other perimeter sensors such as radar, buried or on-fence fiber detection systems, and ground sensors either singularly or combining them technology.

Rapid Deploy Autonomous Perimeter Surveillance System

PureTech’s PureActiv Rapid Deploy Solutions enable airports, borders, military bases, seaports, and utilities to quickly deploy.

Video Analytics for Central Monitoring

PureTech is introducing its market leading AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics for false and nuisance alarm rejection for central monitoring operations.

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PureActiv PurifAI only alarms on AI verified targets of interest eliminating up to 95% of nuisance alarms from motion analytics, fence sensors, radars, and other perimeter sensors.

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PureTech's PureActiv® Counter-UAS proven solution provides the ability to autonomously detect, classify, track and alert users of both short- and long-range aerial threats.