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PureTech Integrated Automated Products

Our product solutions deliver a fully integrated automated outdoor wide-area and perimeter protection system. PureActiv is among the highest in probability of detection and lowest in nuisance alarm rates, providing a superior level of security for your facility, infrastructure, and border.

Detect, Track, Classify, and Deter with one system. Your safety is our priority.

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PureActiv® AlertView COP

PureActiv AlertView is a powerful command and control solution designed to enhance situational awareness and response capabilities.

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AI-Boosted Video Analytics

Our advanced technology combines artificial intelligence and decades of videos to provide intelligent actionable insights.

Edge Computers with PureActiv®

PureTech Systems is delivering edge computers with PureActiv Inside for high accuracy autonomous perimeter intrusion detection at the edge.

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Sensor Integration

PureActiv integrates with other perimeter sensors to provide a unified system for enhanced situational awareness.

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PurifAI for Central Monitoring

PureTech employs their award-winning AI-Boosted video analytics to eliminate nuisance alarms for central monitoring operations.

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VisionView 180°

Camera System

The VisionView 180 camera system offers a comprehensive panoramic field-of-view for desired contiguous coverage for borders, coastal areas and critical perimeters.

Rapid Deploy Autonomous Perimeter Surveillance System

R-DAPSS provides users with a tailorable, solar powered sensor platform for autonomous perimeter intrusion detection, classification, auto-verification, and deterrence.


Mobile Surveillance System

The Mobile Surveillance systems provide long-range mobile surveillance and consist of a suite of radar and camera sensors mounted on standard pickup trucks.



“I have relied heavily on PureActiv and thrived off its benefits. PureActiv is a gamechanger, no doubt about it”.


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