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PureTech Systems Command and Control

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The flexibility and adaptability of our platforms, along with the expertise PureTech Systems has in image processing, including Machine/Deep Learning enables the company to readily address not only new and novel safety and security surveillance applications but also the ability to address many other image-based pattern recognition and computer vision applications. 

PureTech Systems’ novel and differentiating technology includes its patented video content analysis software that leverages geospatial information to 1) geo-locate targets of interest and 2) derive critical target features such as their real size, direction, and velocity, among others. The result is improved situational awareness using Google-like maps user-interface to pinpoint the location and tracks of targets and greater detection accuracy including higher probabilities of detection with lower nuisance alarm rates. In addition to use in real-time detection and alerting, information extracted from the video content analysis can be used to aid incident investigation, analyze trends, and correlate events.

Integrateable into most camera systems, PureTech Systems has the solution for your perimeter security. 

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