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PureActiv® Sensor Integration Platform

Many times, the right detection solution is not a single sensor technology.  In addition to its geospatial AI-boosted Video Analytics, PureActiv integrates with other perimeter sensors such as radar, buried or on-fence fiber detection systems, and ground sensors either singularly or combining them to provide just the right level of protection to cost effectively meet your perimeter requirements.  Additionally, given the extensible open-architecture approach, additional sensors can be added when needed or budgets permit.  The right sensors are easily integrated to ensure a perfect fit to your needs so your firm is not wasting money on too much or too little capability.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Rapid open architecture integration of detection sensors and sensor systems.

  • Supports short and long range radars including, but not limited to, Magos, SpotterRF, Echodyne, Elta, Fortem, FLIR, SR Hawk, and SSR Tracker.

  • Supports various fence and buried fiber detection systems including Optasense, Southwest Microwave, Senstar, and others upon request.

  • GPS integration for friend (blue force)/foe tracking.

  • Integration of AIS ship transponder systems for ship tracking.

  • Automatic drone dispatch – dispatch drone to alarm location and stream live video.

  • Person and vehicle tailgating detection.

  • Many other sensor and systems integrated to help seal your perimeters.

  • Automatic slewing of PTZ cameras to intrusion locations.

  • PurifAI- only alarms on AI verified targets of interest eliminating up to 95% of nuisance alarms.

  • Automatic non-lethal deterrents including LRAD, audio alarms, and/or laser dazzlers to scare away intruders.

  • Track fusing from multiple radars and PureActiv AI Video Analytics, reduces multiple alarms for the same intrusion event.

  • Geospatial zones and zone logic to reduce multiple alarms from the same event.


“The integration of PureActiv with our Magos radars is the best we’ve seen and the PureTech team did it without needing any technical support from Magos!”


Effortless Integrations With

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