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The purpose of PureTech’s Imaging Calculator is to ascertain that a specified target can be discerned with clarity (i.e. sufficient pixels-on-target) as dictated by the user, in a given video camera frame, or a snapshot, be it a visible or thermal image. A handful of parameters such as those listed below once, confirmed or modified by the user, lead to desired results.


  • Width & height of image sensor,

  • Number of lateral & vertical camera pixels,

  • Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) of the camera or alternatively the focal length of its optics,

  • Camera installation height,

  • Parameters through which the target of interest and tallest expected target is specified namely the heights and widths of encompassing bounding boxes and the ranges from the camera to the targets (of interest and tallest).

  • Corresponding focal length to the input HFOV or vice-versa when the input is focal length,

  • Vertical field-of-view (VFOV),

  • Angle subtending the blind zone,

  • Plus several more.


Note that when it comes to specifying a target range, the user is reminded of the prevailing optical horizon, based on a planar terrain assumption.

PureTech Systems Image Perimeters Calculator for perimeter security design
PureTech Systems Image Perimeters Calculator for perimeter security design

Skeptical? Put us to the test.  If your company has an initiative to secure critical infrastructure or country borders, we’d be happy to engage with you to prove our performance including comparison against any competitor in the market.  We are that confident in our performance.

PureTech Systems Image Parameters Calculator

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