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Integrated Camera Solutions

In today's rapidly evolving security landscape, the demand for advanced surveillance solutions that can adapt to complex scenarios has never been higher. At the heart of addressing this need, our field-proven geospatial AI-boosted video analytics provide unparalleled probability of detection with near-zero nuisance alarms in short, medium, and long-range wide-area perimeter and border protection.

Key Benefits

  • Nuisance Alarm Elimination - PureActiv geospatial AI-boosted video analytics filter out nearly all nuisance alarms from motion-based video analytics.

  • Cost Effective - Fewer sensors are required to achieve coverage allowing for more cost-effective, comprehensive coverage.

  • Enhanced with PureActiv® AI Geospatial Video Analytics for autonomous detection, tracking, classification, and PTZ auto-follow.

  • Geospatial Map Output - Precise objects of interest geolocations on a real-time map output as a standard video stream.

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness - Improves site security and situational awareness by automating perimeter detection, deterrence, and response.

  • Unifies Sensors - Unifies new & existing perimeter sensors for a field-proven intrusion detection system.

PureTech Systems is an authorized reseller of i-PRO cameras

Fortify your surveillance capabilities with i-PRO Cameras, enhanced by PureTech's PureActiv Geospatial AI-Boosted Video Analytics. As an authorized reseller of i-PRO, we're setting new standards in perimeter security by delivering unmatched probability of detection with minimal nuisance alarms for a robust intrusion detection system available on edge devices, servers or in the cloud, and on fixed or mobile applications.


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Illustration 1.0 - PureActive Hardware Deployment.pdf (4).png
  • 5MP

  • Super Dynamic 132dB

  • Color night vision (0.05 to 0.07 lx)

  • Smart Coding (with AI Engine)

  • ClearSight Coating

  • Built-in IR LED

  • IK10 Vandal Resistant

  • Built-in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Secure Element (EdgeLock® SE050F NXP® Semiconductors)



  • 4K 30x PTZ camera

  • Up to 3 Edge AI analytic apps

  • Built-in IR-LED (200m/656ft)

  • High speed Pan/Tilt drive (Pan: 700deg./s, Tilt: 500deg./s)

  • IP66, IK10 certified

  • Built-in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified SecureElement (EdgeLock® SE050F NXP® Semiconductors)

Example Sensor Locations

PureTech's innovative security solutions employ a blend of advanced technologies to ensure comprehensive and efficient perimeter protection, addressing potential intrusion detections before they make it to the fence.

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Using IR Cameras for Detect & Visible / IR PTZ for AI Classification

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Supported PureActiv Behaviors

  • Zone Entry/Exit,

  • Moving too fast or too slow,

  • Crawling, Walking, Running,

  • Wrong Direction of travel,

  • Travel Path,

  • PTZ Camera Drone Tracking,

  • PTZ Follow specified target,

  • Stopping,

  • Loitering,

  • Crowding,

  • Left behind object,

  • Thrown object,

  • Removed object,

  • Person & vehicle tailgating, and

  • Counting.

Using Radar for Detect & 1 Visible /IR PTZ for AI Classification

Looking for Thermal Cameras?

PureActiv geospatial AI-boosted video analytics run on thermal cameras delivers clear, accurate images regardless of lighting and environmental conditions ensuring that your perimeter and border are protected 24/7. 

Long Range Thermal Cameras

PureTech's geospatial AI-boosted video analytics, transforms long-range cameras into smart devices capable of detecting and classifying targets out as far as 5 miles.

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