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Current and emerging Unmanned Aerial Systems are becoming an increasing security risk on a national level in civilian airspace as well as military areas of operation.  PureTech's PureActiv Software provides the ability to autonomously detect, classify, locate, track, alert, display video, and optionally counter both short- and long-range aerial threats.  Through seamless integrations with mission specific best-in-class sensors, cameras and counter-devices, PureTech drastically enhances situational awareness giving you the precise information you need to make an informed decision on how to counter these new types of air threats. The information includes location, operational frequencies, and drone classification. Available on fixed and various relocatable vehicles, along with the the PureTech Rapid Deploy Autonomous Perimeter Surveillance System, it allows for security personnel to augment their current ground detection perimeter system with air detection.

Example Markets

  • Border Security

  • Airports

  • Military Bases

  • Special Events

  • Utilities

  • Critical Infrastructure

PureTech's C-UAS capability further proves the system’s scalability with added air domain awareness capabilities to its ground ISR functions. PureTech's PureActiv multi-modal autonomous detection delivers a full common operational picture to the user that includes pre & post alarm recording, alarm replay and a live video.  With enabled PTZ Auto-Tracking, the target will always stay locked in the field of view, whether ground or air targets, further reducing cognitive load on system operators. 

Key Benefits

  • Provides real-time situational awareness including drone location on GIS map, drone type, and live video.

  • Provides a dome of protection over your critical sites and assets.

  • Improves border or site security posture by autonomously detecting and optionally countering airborne threats.

  • Provides immediate notification to security personnel including live video, threat type and real-time geo-location.

  • Enables informed mitigation actions.

  • Lowers Operator workload and acts as a force multiplier.

  • Integrates with your existing physical security system.

  • Can be purchased or provided as a service.

The PureActiv R-DAPSS enables you with the ability to quickly deploy a solution on your sites to combat airborne threats. It can be configured with both short and long range sensors to meet specific use cases. The R-DAPSS is a self powered unit with solar and generator, and wireless communications back to your monitoring location. Perfect for use at airports, special events, borders, and other use cases where rapid deployment is advantageous.

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