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Up to 95% False/Nuisance Alarm Reduction for Self & Central Monitoring

95% Fewer False Alarms
Reduce OpEx

PurifAI is a monthly SaaS that uses AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics to eliminate false/nuisance alarms before they reach your central monitoring operations and/or your smart phones for self monitoring.

How it Works

PurifAI Architecture Diagram (1).png

The patented cloud-based service receives video motion alarms from any source (new or existing cameras, DVRs, NVRs, other video analytics, motion sensors), and reassess them using cutting-edge AI technology to filter out false/nuisance alarms. Only those alarms that pass the AI filtering are forwarded to your central monitoring software, SMS, and/or email, on your smart phone. False/nuisance alarms are logged, but not forwarded so you don’t have to waste time looking at them.

Why PurifAI?

Dramatically Scale Business
Less Time Responding to Events
Works with Video Motion Alarms

Increased Employee Satisfaction

False/Nuisance Alarm Rejection Through AI Video Analytics

With over 15 geospatial computer-vision patents, boosted with cutting edge AI/ML technology, trained with more than 18 years of surveillance video, PurifAI™ provides central and self monitoring operators with only auto-verified alarms. False/nuisance alarms will no longer encumber operators.

Water Droplets on Lens

Camera Shaking

Lighting Changes

Vegetation Moving in the Wind


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