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Tailgating & Piggybacking

The PureActiv tailgating and piggybacking system protects access points into your secure facilities from unauthorized entry. This specialized perimeter intrusion detection capability ensures your site is protected from those violating security policy, and potentially intending harm to critical assets and personnel. Through simple integration with card readers, PureActiv automatically detects unauthorized entries through gates and turnstiles, and notifies security personnel via your VMS , SCADA, or access control system. And optionally, PureActiv can automatically activate visual and audible alarms, and even lock doors, gates, and turnstiles. In addition, PureActiv can command the PTZ camera to track the person or vehicle that violated the security policy by not badging in.

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically increases operator productivity

  • Improved site security by automating detection of access control violations, deterrence and response, and

  • Simple to add to existing systems with plug-and-play edge computer, server, or cloud.

Tailgating & Piggybacking Detection

Access Control &


Cloud, Edge Devices, Servers

Your VMS

Outputs to VMS Options:

  • Alarms via dry contact,

  • Alarms via software integration,

  • Live video with annotations,

  • Recorded alarm video with annotations, and

  • Optionally, dynamic map as a video output.

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