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Edge Computers with PureActiv® Inside

With decades of continuous innovation and fielded systems, PureTech Systems is delivering edge computers with PureActiv Inside for high accuracy autonomous perimeter intrusion detection at the edge. Edge intrusion detection devices can be installed in the field at the edge, rather than hosting the software in environment-controlled equipment rooms that can be expensive to maintain. With less moving parts, the edge device enables users to spend less time dealing with devices and more time on real alarms. The AI-boosted edge devices enables users to add PureTech's best-in-class geospatial AI-boosted Video Analytics to new or existing systems for increased site security and situational awareness.

  • Robust perimeter intrusion detection, including identification, tracking, alerting, and autonomous PTZ following, enabling you to always keep targets in view,

  • Precise target geolocations on a real-time map in your NVR with no integration required,

  • Easily scales to fit your budget and needs today and tomorrow,

  • 95% reduction in nuisance alarms,

  • Works with existing cameras, radars, fence sensors, access control, and NVR network,

  • Less network bandwidth by processing at the edge,

  • Lower total cost of ownership; requires less maintenance, and

  • No changes to operations.

Key Benefits


Edge Computers


"PureTech Systems Inc. is a Gold Tier Member of Intel’s Partner Alliance program, and we fuel a powerful fusion of advanced hardware for edge computing and award-winning AI-boosted Video Analytics, driving innovation and affordable security. Together, we are revolutionizing security solutions, creating a safer and smarter world for all."

Delivering AI-Boosted Video Analytics Capabilities at the Edge

drone and person detection at critical infrastructure site

Supported Behaviors

  • Zone Entry/Exit,

  • Stopping,

  • Loitering,

  • Crowding,

  • Object Left Behind,

  • Travel Path,

  • PTZ Camera Drone Tracking,

  • Moving too fast or too slow,

  • PTZ Camera Handoff,

  • PTZ Follow specified target,

  • Crawling, Walking, Running,

  • Wrong Direction of travel,

  • Thrown Object,

  • Removed Object,

  • Person & Vehicle Tailgating, and

  • Counting.

Drone & Person Detection

Auto-Detect and Geolocate Intrusions
PureTech's Auto-detect and geolocate intrusions
  • PureTech Geospatial Video Analytics,

  • Fence Sensors,

  • Radars,

  • Ground, and

  • Other sensors.

Auto Classify Intruders
PureTech's Auto-classification of intruders
  • Autonomously steer cameras, dispatch drones to gelocation of intrusion.

  • Using ML, classify target as a threat/non-threat.

Auto Alert Personnel & Keep Track of Intruders
PureTech's Auto-Alert Personnel and keep track of intruders
  • Issue alarms - Mobile devices, Workstations.

  • Autonomously follow intruders.

  • Keep airborne and ground intruders in camera view.

Auto Deter & Defeat
PureTech's Auto Deter and Defeat
  • Blast intruders with deterrent sounds and strobe lights.

  • Jame drone communications and GPS. 

Outputs to VMS Options:

  • Dynamic map as video output,

  • Alarms via dry contact,

  • Alarms via software integration,

  • Live video with annotations, and

  • Recorded alarm video with annotations.

Sample Architecture Diagram

Existing or New Fixed, PTZ Cameras or Radars

PureActiv Edge


Your VMS

PureTech's sample architecture diagram
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